But Then Again, Who Isn't?

I find it interesting that myself, and 254 other members of this group are the only ones who realize, or are willing to admit, that they are flawed.

Maybe that fact alone means we aren't so flawed after all?????
yobnhojmi yobnhojmi
41-45, M
2 Responses Dec 14, 2012

You are right on in this message, if you don't know you are flawed, how are you ever going to correct the flaws that you choose to correct?
Some of our flaws make us interesting or unique, others just make us obnoxious, we need to know which are endearing to others and which we really need to work on!
I liked your last note that I just responded to and I like this one also,
You sound like someone who honestly knows and understands himself!

So you re the real jack in the box man like the guy in the commercials? If you are him can you please add a burger to the menu that has 3 patties and tacos and pizza and fries inbetween sourdough buns for 99 cents?