Alarming Motivation

I have never been one to follow politics to any amount within my time ,but one evening around this past Christmas I was surfing youtube and cspan popped up and I thought "hmmm"and began to watch .Just so happens that it was Congress hearing arguments on the NDAA 2012 and I was shocked to hear the few arguments against this bill. I had no idea that any American would have or could have even tried to write such anti-Constitutional legislation,and was taken back when to my astonishment and fright the bill passed the Congress almost unanimously.Since that time I have created a couple of news blogs and have followed what has become to be the most alarming series of events that I as an American citizen have ever encountered.Just within the last 6 months the citizens of the US have lost the majority of the inalienable rights provided by the Constitution.At first I thought that maybe the President would defend the Constitution but after following the events of the next few months very carefully I found that he is actually just announcing his opposition but passing these bills into law and producing EO's that are just as alarming. Where the legislative branch of government are supposed to protect the citizens from tyranny they have passed all of these bills almost unanimously where with any other bill they have been locked in partisan grid lock and have accomplished less than any Congress or Senate in our history.
Another truly alarming fact of all of this is that I have had to seek news and information on these new laws and events surrounding them from underground news sources and from news sources from abroad.The old trusted run-to's like NBC nightly news and CBS and ABC as well as MSNBC or CNN have not reported one word of the controversy that is raging over these new laws that have taken our privacy and our right to peacefully protest,or the new laws that state that our military can police the citizens of the US and the Executive branch can legally detain US citizens indefinitely without solid evidence or any right to trial. I have also watched as the IRS has created it's very own paramilitary force of swat and special forces type soldiers and the Dept. of Homeland Security has built up a huge arsenal of light and heavily armored combat style equipment.The FAA has made it legal for government and private agencies to operate UAV's or drones in American airspace and the CIA and NSA are actively listening to every electronic communication by everyone within and outside of the US.and have opened massive new data gathering facilities across the US. The last and probably the most alarming of all is that no one else aside from a few conspiracy theorist are really alarmed by these events.It's as is no one cares that we as citizens do not have the same amount of freedom we have enjoyed all of our lives.Our children are no where near as free as we were when we were young and apparently it is not going to stop there.Almost every week there is another invasion of privacy or a peaceful protest being broken up and people being arrested all the while our CIA blatantly invades other countries without their permission and conducts drone attacks and kills "high value "targets along with innocent civilians. When these countries cry foul they are ignored and or bullied and belittled by the Leaders of this country. My anxiety over these events has grown tremendously and I would like to know that the public disapproval of these events is growing or why it is not growing.
mrshadyside1 mrshadyside1
36-40, M
May 12, 2012