That's What....

a year of regularly practicing yoga does to a body :)

K, that was a couple years ago but even before that I was flexible.  Up to now I still am.  I got the full split down pat, and I can wrap my legs around my head.   

yoyy yoyy
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11 Responses Feb 23, 2009

hahaha thanks

you are funto tease. I think this tease is good for a old guy...DD

ha ha

awwwwww don't! <br />
<br />
<br />
keep that heart healthy :P

If i have a heart attack it will be your sweet fault...DD


Stretching is very relaxing :)

haha, man, I only do it alone

Why did you do this to me WHY???...DD

i can visulize you wraping your legs around... SHOT ME!!!<br />
I don't want to be kicked off EP OMgoddess...DD

I am testing my self to the breaking point here. However. do want to be nice and tell you that (if i am lucky) you have no idea how much i just love the image of you (OMGoddess!!!) -"I got the full split down pat, and I can wrap my legs around my head." OMGoddess!!! OMGODdess!!! could you, very please, yes PLEASE show some pictures of ypur wadedre ful gift to man/me kind please let me watch, please I will do ANYTHING ANYTHING! please...DD