Eng. Rus. Est.

Well, I grew up in Estonia, but since Estonia has been part of Soviet Union until it collapsed, we had lots of Russians live in Estonia. Half of my family is Estonian, half is Russian. At home I spoke Russian with my mom and at school it was all Estonian, so I grew up totally bilingual. Both languages are considered my first. There were periods when I was more fluent in one than the other, depending on life circumstances. Most of the time both languages were equal, but then my mom came to U.S. and I lived in Estonia alone for 2 years (of course she helped me out with money and provided me everything) before I followed her, so during those 2 years 98% of the time I spoke Estonian (I spoke Russian only on the phone with mom and couple of friends), therefore I was naturally more fluent in that language. Later I followed my mom to U.S. and now, after 5 years of being here and speaking Russian and English only, I feel like I'm losing Estonian fluency big time. But I know once I speak a little, read some, it all comes back.

It's really difficult to keep up with languages. I used to speak somewhat German, but since I haven't practiced, it all faded away. I used to speak Hebrew too, but the same happened. I have high standards for the knowledge of languages. I can't say I speak something unless I really speak it!

Oh, I forgot to mention the third language: English. (duh!)

misasja misasja
26-30, F
Aug 5, 2007