I was a preschool teacher and Mother of three. I like the really little ones who speak their own language very fast and add a word in here and there. Makes me think they know something I don't!My favorite toddler words from my kids were Pretty=blanket, bubbles=Christmas lights, and Thuck=truck. A real head turner that one(What did that kid say?) I also love to decipher first written words and try to figure out what a picture really is! Many times I"ve told a little one what a lovely picture of a monkey to have them frown and say it's a picture of my Mommy! Woops! I've learned to always say "What a lovely picture such wonderful colors ,You are a great Artist! What is it?" It's a Monkey(oh, thought it was your Mom.)
momolove1955 momolove1955
56-60, F
May 9, 2012