It's A Simple Question, Really, But An Urgently Important One

Should I spend the rest of my life trying not to die (short form, "live dying")?


Should I live every moment until the day that I die ("die living")?

For myself, I'm thinking the odds of trying to avoid dying are pretty slim -- plus, trying to dodge the moment when I get to shake off this banged up shell, how much joy will I miss?

Not in any hurry to get there -- I do wear my safety belt when driving and my helmet when hang gliding -- but the fear of mere physical death doesn't hold me back.  Better a dead buzzard than a live sponge, as far as I can see; but, again, that's a choice each of us should make every day.

windlion windlion
56-60, M
1 Response May 10, 2012

Whatever works for you bro.<br />
However I intend on living life one day at a time, one experience after another.<br />
When death comes, there will be nothing I can do but smile to the end.

Actually, I agree with that. Just saying that I won't hold back on what I choose to do each day because someone thinks it's unsafe.

Ahh I know how you feel about that. You do what you want to do.