Bringing Together What Works

When I was about 20, I made a key decision in my life. In the beginning of the Seventies, a lot about the limits of growth became mainstream. The Club of Rome published their report, and in 1974, the oil crisis forced a worldwide re-thinking about availability of abundant energy. (The lessons learned then were later completely forgotten - not many car-free days anymore since).

The problems became dominant, but I suddenly realized that there were also those who had better solutions. I started to pay attention to those who were ridiculed (I was myself bullied during school) or not understood. Personal contacts assured that this effort was worth it, and whole new universes were opening.

A few years later, I had a profound experience on a spiritual level. It was an astounding unity experience, where I could understand that we are all One. Suddenly, everything made sense, the outer wars were in fact wars between (inner, alienated) parts of ourselves, played out on a world stage. Therefore, healing had to come from the inside.

Material dimensions have a density and inertia that spiritual realms do not have. Insights have a long and tedious way to become daily reality. A way rich in experiences, and setbacks. Sometimes it is a lonely journey, with little guide but the inner knowing of the glorious end result - a restored unity and regained divine consciousness.

Seven billion parts of the one, presently acting on this world stage. Some of them inconceivably rich, and billions dying, or in danger of losing their bare lives. How does this make sense? The Internet, our global brain (Pierre Teilhard de Chardin coined it 'Noosphere') brings this daily to our attention, the problems as well as the solutions. For the first time ever, a broad mass can get itself educated how the money system - the lynchpin of everything else - is manipulated for the few obscenely rich.

The emperor has lost its clothes, and stands naked. The 99% have the power, if they grasp it. But they have predominantly to inform themselves not via mass media conglomerates nor expect salvage from the present power politicians. These are part of the rigged systems. Yes, a collaboration is needed (simply on the insight that we are all One - whatever perceives y-our mind becomes reality), but it may be wise to organize parallel systems.

Inspiration can be found in today's Internet, which initially came from the Pentagon. To secure a chance of survival if the atomic bomb would fall, ARPA was developed in the Sixties as a decentralized infrastructure. The anology is that a meta-structure can be set up to bring together all the solutions from everywhere, to inspire and collaborate and co-create. Last year, I did follow a telecourse with Barbara Marx Hubbard called ACE (short for 'Agents of Conscious Evolution'). In it, we prepare for a grand celebration for humanity on 22nd December 2012. Instead of doom and gloom, Hubbard declares this day as Birth2012, the next step in our evolution as a universal species. See . This coincides with Sri Aurobindo's insights and lifework on Supramental Consciousness.

Barbara MH as one of the best-connected and informed people on Earth regarding our future (quote by R. Buckminster Fuller) devises 12 specified sectors of activity, plus a hub in the centre. By using this setup, a worldwide exchange can be facilitated. As an example, the movie 'Thrive' and website presents this '12 around one' model in their specific way to build the needed networks for this emerging worldwide system. Hubs on each continent and in numerous countries are being established as I write this. Many an unconnected initiative and nexus will become part of a bigger whole. The local approaches will connect worldwide to offer their solutions and build on their genius. Look out for 'Golden Innovations' and other entry points in the 'Wheel of Co-Creation'.
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Sep 13, 2012