I Love Him!

For, I am following my heart...by going for him, and tellin everyone the truth about me. I am gay, and I love it.
He is the best, and I hope it last forever with him, he makes me so happy.
My heart is telling me to keep with it, and to make sure to put no harm on anyone or anything, and just being true to myself.
For, I will tell my father this summer, everyone else knows, and I want to come out, and I hope he accepts it.
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18-21, M
6 Responses Jul 21, 2010

such a wonderful story!

=] thanks a lot!! <br />
I will, for I need to.

eeeeeeeeeeexactly. :D

Makenzie..thats cuz usually we are just fooling around and don't talk about this kind of stuff.And thanks to you both =]

all the best :D most important, you're happy ;)

omfg aaaaaaawwhhhh. dahvid this is truly a deep side of you i've never seen before. <3 i'm SOOO glad you've found scott and that you're deeply happy. <3!! =)