Just Explain What I Am Up So You Are Not Just Following For N

Hi my name is Smugit and I am a pug but you can see that already.

 What I am here to do today is share my time with you I have been on the road as a lead guitarist and a drummer but you have already seen me sing in SarahtogaGirls post and you have seen pics of my time as drummer and with groupies thanks to Softkitti.

I seem to be all over EP these days here and there seen as a crossing gaurd by MTVLM and always hanging out with the ladies thanks to Snowbunny1002 and Fungirlmmm giving me a place to hang out all the time I am not on the road.

 If I missed any of my furless friends who have been kind enough to post about me then I will bad dog! bad dog me later I promise.

So in my travels I have met lots of EP members and had loads of fun along the way and I thought I would show you a little bit at a time the members I got to know and hang with for a while.  I will show you a pic of us and tell you a little bit about the adventures we have had to explain along the way so bare with me cuzzzzz I am still kinda new at this and with these nail and only the two paws it is not always easy to manuver but I am gonna give it a whirl and hope you all have as much fun checking my adventures out as I had going on them. 

see ya soon Smug
Smugit Smugit
14 Responses Jul 16, 2010

awwwwwwwwwwwww blush! hehehhehe

Sounds like fun. I have treats (check). Bowl of water (check). Toys (check). Ok, I have everything.<br />
<br />
LOL pixelita (you're supposed to be working) & Scoobs57 (Shhhh, we won't tell).

awwwwwwwwwwww will have to bake your cake today then! and I will check back with you when you are back and then we can hang and I will post our time together KAY! have a great time and Happy pre Birds Day to you!

roo roo roo roo! hows it sounding Sara? you likey?

Yeah yeah kitten aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrooooooooooooooo! we need to hang soon you and I and Scoobs not to worry our jam session is comming up in the next post sure really rock! they will love you! and I remember shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! pugs the word! hehehehehe

It's on, Smuggie....<br />
<br />
Let's go... ah one ah two. <br />
<br />

Just remember, what happens on EP stays on EP

awwwwwwwwww sorry pix but I am heading your way next post can't wait is there anyone I should visit along the way that you recommend!

Ohhhhh, this is going to be great!!!! Can wait to see more of your adventures!!!! This darned firewall at work won't let me see all of the images, have to wait until I get home... Pix scratches behind Smugits ear :-)

makin my way back to you Sarah we need some time to chill and I need to show the folks on Ep your down time with me! I'm a commin! hehehehehehe runs right over for sound check....... testing testing... is this thing on! tap tap tap!

Hey... where the hell are you, smuggie? WE have a sound check in half an hour... we're on tonight at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center....<br />
<br />
SMUGGIE!!! YOuuuuu Hooooo! Doggie.... Where are youuuuuu?

Oh I sooooooooooooo plan to visit the pix heard NY is the place to be and well it was nice when I was there with BobFrost but time restraints you know but I will be back to have some serious Java hang time with you! hehehehehehehe

hehehehehehe I am just starting I will get around to visiting with everyone soon so if you are not listed in this post you are coming up in one soon!

i am anxious to see. :)