Really On The Move Now Post #2

I am finding my way around this big EP world we all share and there is a lot going here.  There is major traffick going on with all the new members joining every day and some members leaving, even before I get to know them.  I can tell you this much, when you are all wound up and just need to chill out for a bit relax and enjoy some good music and company there is no better a man to go see then the man himself the one I say should put together an EP concert of him and all his talented friends!  Yeah Yeah I am talking about Scoobs57.  I was gonna have a Jam session with him but he has been workin on a few new tunes and ask me if could have a listen and you can tell by the look on my face that it is pure heaven coming from the fingers of the gifted ones.  Who knew that someone passing by would take this pic of us just kicking about! 

On the move again and this time keeping the world safe is where I am headed to next and there is no one better suited to the job then this man, Starwolf77.  Fun and frolicly and kickin some serious cyber space ***.   I had the best time hanging out with him and it was really nice of his space buddies to take a pic of us together during a quite moment! 

So after some chill time with Starwolf77 I remembered someone saying something about BigFoot being in these parts so I thought hey couldn’t hurt to look around a little and see if I could, dare I say it find the Big one! Can you even imagine being face to face with a Big Foot or Saskquatch as some call it! Sigh, closest I got was this.

Time to push forward and seek out some more EP fur and furless friends.  Oh by the way I heard through the lady herself that IzaWonderWoman wanted to come with me so she will be catching up with me on Post #4 see you there Iza! Hehehehehe will be loving the company on the open road!

Anyway, it was a bit of a scary thing to try and track down Big Foot and so my nerves are a little bit frayed and so I need to seek out the advice of the chillinest chick I could find!  Not much is rufflin her feathers when she is maxin and relaxin so I did just as she does and followed LittleMiss Nobodys lead.  Here we are just chillin at her place and enjoying our happy places! I know camera is a bit fuzzy should clean the lens more I guess but if you squint you can see me on the chair there just taking time to breath in and breath out!

What trip on the road would be complete with out some hang time with the godess of pixels, the queen of steam, yes more hot hot hot then you could imagine and she made time to get close to yours truly!  Wow was I excited to spend some time the pix or Pixelita if you are formal with her.  It was so nice of her to take a moment from her ~havin fun with my web cam~ moments to come and sorta sit with me ~not to self save some room on the ottoman for the pix~ hehehehehehe anyway her cam seems to have captured a moment with the two of us anyway hope it makes you as happy as it made me! Hehehehehe blush!


Ok folks I am almost ready to drop but covered alot of ground today and so gonna love ya and leave ya for this post anyway and get some rest cuzzzzz the morning comes awfully early!  Be seeing you soon for the next post come back and check it out KAY?

Smugit Smugit
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Oh Jp!!!! Woof! *wink* :-)

well there goes my thoughts of peace and tranquility jp back to the downward dog Kay! hehehehe

See perfect timing pix remains true to herself! had the best time with you! always my pleasure! all my furless friends were way Pawesome to be with just wish I could take them all on the road with me!

Ohhhhh Smug I had such a lovely time with you too!!!!! That little ottoman was the perfect seat for you!! You'll have to drop by again sometime and I can walk you and we can play frisbee!!!!! (((hugs)))

Good the exorcist brought you back! I thought wow one sentence that did not contain the word Pix in it YAY you are getting better. I love the pix but I like her for her and I like you for you but lately you have only been half of you and more of her and she remains true to her! so welcome back my furless friend!

Yes I am Pix obsessed.... But I do acknowledge Scoobs, LMN, and Starwolf.... Each of them ahve some great stories and lots to share with everyone....<br />
<br />
LMN is a great woman and a good friend....

focus man there are other furless people here too! damn drags over hose to snap mtvlm back to earth! geeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzzz you are officially pix possessed! hehehehehehehe

Very nice that your hanging with the sweet Pix...... LOL!!!!!

There is a new post coming up in a few days and something else fun in the works watch for it! and BTW awwwwwwwwwwww thanks! hugs you! hehehehehehehe

This is awesomely funny, where's the next page, I found two so far with images, and you in everyone you are so funny!")

uses secrct passage to boot it back to Sara and 5, 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 YAY I made it! shake shake shake! woooo hooooo aaaaahhhhhhrrrrrrrooooooooooooooooooo! KAY I am ready for my close up Mr. Devile! ummm I mean Sara! loves you!

Well, get over here so I can carry you onto the stage!

I am excelling at multi-tasking here! and well you rock so I will be there with lots of love and Java treats to keep me going would never want to miss any time with you Sara!

Well, me and you are on tour together... remember? Don't forget we have the sound check soon!

speakin of loop flip flip flip flop! damn! still can get it! oh well! I can kinda loop sans the fruit salar hehehehehehe I know bunny I am just enjoying the EP world and all who are in it? I was just visiting Sara geeeeeeezzzzzz you can clearly see there was no a paw print on her sides I think it is more mtvlm you gotta worry about I have been hosing him off for ages! hehehehehehehe

Ahem! Smuggie.... just a reminder.... Pixie is MINE!!!!!

Pawsome post Smugit! You got your own world your going!

ha ha that confirms it foir me Smugs your a fruitloop ......

jumps up! falls jumps up again falls hey hey Sylph over here ......waves to you! I never to far for you! it was completely Pawesome to hang out with them all Iza YAY! well roooooooooooo? geetar it is the pix do I need really any other reason to be dizzy then just in the presence of the goddess of pixels! hehehehehehehehe

This is totally cool, Smuggy... *laughing here*... and I do have to squint to see you lounging on the chaise chair... haha... <br />
<br />
Until your next mission... here's lookin' at you, kid... or rather, lookin' for you...

It is the best way I know how to show the world how special everyone is one fur and furless friend at a time! hehehehehe awwwwwwww loves you HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG!

I could try and swing by on my way home or you could just come join Iza and me from post #4 on really the more the merrier I will just get some more treats for everyone! hehehehehe thank you for the chill time super cool chick loves you!

*calls to Pup* oi.. come back........ I've got treats... :P

awwwwwwwwwwww blush! runs away!

of course it is darling .. *cuddles smugit and tickles behind his ears*

there are so many EP members to visit and I will get around to as many as my little legs will take me! I do want to visit you too when you have time if that is ok? roooooooooo? making puppy face at you now?

Love this and I cant wait for your next adventure ... look in the sky is it a bird , is it a plane its super smug...=-D...

I am happy to have all my fur and furless friends on the road with me! YAY I have so much fun with them all they are truly a pleasure to be with! I can see why they rock the EP world way more now!

hehehehe so excited can't wait! wags tail wags tail wags tail YAY YAY YAY!

glad to see you're having such an amazing trip smugit ... hoping to see you in the emerald isle before too long ...

hehehehehe hoping to come your way soon to WIB loves you! aren't they amazing my furless friends all of them you included!

very cute Smugit ... you have such wonderful adventures!!

it was way fun to hang with you and yeah you are definately photogenic! love the groovy vibe you give out literally hehehehehehe hugs you!

You sure you're not secretly listening to Elvis Pugsley singing Hound Dog?