The In Between Times Of Smugs World Tour

Sometime I get delayed with life and don't have the chance to get everything done I need to do in my travels and with the tour rockin the house everything takes longer.  So I thought what I would do is show you a little of the things I have been doing till now.  Starting last year when I had the chance to host San Francisco's Pride Parade with Cloris Leachman!  I was so excited finaly some people that like to shake shake shake and celebrate like I do! YAY Plus, I want to go try and hang out with Celebrity Grand Marshall, Cloris Leachman. She seems like a pretty hip old lady with a fantastic sense of humor. 

  It rocked the house and well my head still hurts from all the celebrating Aaaaaaahhhhhrrrrooooo!  So after some serious partying I knew it was time for som chillin but good times so headed out to the only place that would that for me and this time too one of my old fur friend with me.  Here we are all suited up and ready to go! 

  Come on in the water is fine! but way too many crowds to be able to enjoy a good chill you know!  Mind you when you get all wound up they say you need a release so off to Hawaii where I was able to get the well deserved release I needed Cliff Diving!

  what a great outlet that is but once you start that kind a thing and you hit the water there is no stopping you! Fear of the big blue yonder is no match for me! that is why I thought it was time to check out what was beneath the water I have been playing on all day!   Hey you just never know I might even find treasure right?

  When you are out and about as much as I am you really need to sometimes meet up with a few of your fur friends too so that is where I set off for next for FurFree day and to get ready for the big Fur walk!  


They were all so friendly and fun and completely up on how I was feeling daily with all the fur and all.  You try being a bunny one day and pink unicorn the next! man are my paws killin me! ooooowwwwwwwwwww!  
  Definately time to defy gravity and go to a place where there is music and smiles and happy time and paws crossed a place that I don't have to walk anymore wow still coming down off the fur walk here so trying to just keep my feet in the air.  I came across these guys and they knew just what to do, even lent me a costume to boot.  The are call The Flying Elvises!  laughed all the way down.  One of the guys took this pic of us all! 

  It is good to be back on solid ground but I do need to stretch my legs so it is off to Pamploma where I can join in on the running of the bulls and work out the kinks in my legs!  Here is the pic they put in the paper of the event!  

  Alright I am off and running now where I end up? well guess you will have to wait till next time to see what else I have been up to and don't forget the next post of my visits will be up very soon.  Thanks for stoppin by and come back soon.  Let me know what you think?
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I know but I am sooooooooooooooooo lovin it! It is never good to leave anyone hanging so thought I better let everyone know what I have been up to! awwwwww you came to hang out! YAY YAY YAY loves you!

*kitti squints at elvi jumping from plane* I never realized how alike you and the king of rock look ... *giggles* ohh cliff diving ... *kitt puts on bikini and jumps off with smug * yayayayayy thanks for the updates you are one busy smugy *giggles*

need to make sure they are not so far and few while I am here! hehehehehe hugs you!

thanks for the smiles!


wow look at all my happy furless friends! YAY ~note to self should have brought more paper to take note of all the happy words and tips and advice~ scratches head and rolls eyes at self and then goes in for the BIG group Hug!

Thanks for sharing all your adventures and giving me a smiley today Smugit! I look forward to more posts of your travels. Pug Hugs :)

That's a lot frequent flier miles, Smug!!

Just a tip for the Elvis thing. Don't jump in front of the plane.

Let me know when to put the kettle on!

that is totally awesome smugit, i loved it.<br />
<br />

<br />
Love that airport shot!!!!!<br />
<br />
Me and you Smuggie Baby....!<br />
<br />
(Sara kisses Smuggie and scratches behind ears....)

Smig,,, I think we need to find you a job. You obviously have to much free time on your hands. lol

Oh Smug, when they say wish I had a dogs life now I know what they mean!!! Wow, what fun you've been having!! I have to admit though, please, no more running with the bulls OK?? The thought of a gored Smugit is just too much for me to handle!!!!!! (((((hugs)))))

No wonder you haven't been around very much. Busy pup. (I love the scuba diving pic!!) <br />
<br />
*treats and ear scratches*

Make no bones about it... you've had quite the adventures lately! ;) Keep up these posts! Everyone could use a daily dose of a "feel good" story! :)

lol<br />
That was great. No space shuttle pics???? Smugit on the moon? Have you been to Egypt?

You sure know how to have a good time Smugit!!! *gives treats and tummy rubs*<br />
<br />
You've gotta let me tag along on an adventure one day! =D

LOL! My favorite was the flying Elvis'. That was too funny!

Thanks so much for sending this post especially when i needed so much rest and also you brightened my day with your funny post.Have a blessed day.

Ok I hear on changing avi's helllllllllllllllooooooooooo guility of it here too! hehehehehehe too much fun! will post that post with you very soon almost done!

No, no... I change my avie too much and everyone becomes my favorite at the time. LOL<br />
<br />
The flightsuit guy just seems to be the ones people recognize the most. <br />
<br />
I'm interested to see what you've done with the hoodie one (Which is my friend Aaron in RL. LOL)

someone's had some fun with Photoshop !

rooooooooooooooooo will check it out can always change no worries if it makes you happy then I will do it! hook me up!

**Smile** I still think you should have made one with my Flightsuit guy, Smuggers.

hehehehehehe hugs you EH! missed you!

Admit it LK, you are a big furry deep down inside.

rooooooooooooo? dig oh no no no that was ages ago, things have changed pet stores I get my bones there! no more primitive stuff, you gotta wash it and carry it all gross and there might now even be any flavor left you. So stick to the pet shops they always got your back! hehehehe

I know you are getting in touch with your inner furry come on Lizzzzzzzzzzzz let it all go and be one with the furries they love you! you might even get to go on the big fur walk check out you tube London Fur walk you are gonna wanna go! hehehehehehe

Though i always thought it would be interesting to see a bunch of furries hanging out in real life. I saw some documentary about their lifestyel.... Weird.... lol...

The Big Fur Walk ! ROFLMAO!! You are so creative Smugit! This is wonderful. Thank You. I would like to go on the road with all of you on the ep world tour! Hugs smugit..

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah! one big lovin you fur fest baby! aaaahhhhrrrrrooooooooooooooo! hehehehe

Nooooo!!!!!!! lol

they wanna hug you now!

No, just scary!

but they love you?

You furry friends are scary!!!

blushes hehehehehehe then runs away!

LOL! I love the Flying Elvis and the Running of the Bulls... haha...<br />
<br />
But you are the cutest in your pink bunny outfit... *kisses nose*...

awwww loves you! fun times I tell you! are you coming on the road with us all too around the EP world tour? roooooooooooo?