Smug Reaches For The Stars

Because I have so much on the go these days, I needed a place to go that was not so real, you know a bit of the fantasy world everyone hopes for some magic and fun.  Packed my bags and headed to Hollywood!
Here is a pic of me shortly after I arrived by the Hollywood sign. 

It did not take long to find a few furless friends to hang out with Jake and George were Pawesome and way cool to just hang with.  I got a few pics us just to share with all of you!

All rested up I was having a good time and then George suggested hanging out with the boys you know a real rockin night!  So I agreed and so he introduced me to Wayne and Garth still not sure why Wayne is always wearing a Wayne's world hat but hey to each his own right?

Unfortunately George got a call to make a movie and it was just me Wayne and Garth and the boys for the big night! Our favorite Queen song came on the radio and we could not resist singing along in the car.  Big fun was had by all hehehehehehehe!

So I got another call for another movie this one a little more dramatic role so have to channel my inner pug and bring out my moody  broody side!  They took this pic right as we were shooting my scene!

Wayne and Garth heard about the movies I was doing and decided they really liked me, ok maybe a little too much but I try not to focus on that much and forged ahead to the next time I was needed on set!

I gotta tell you this cast for this movie was a little easier to relate to for me and they were killer fun as well here is a pic of me in the only scene I am in for this movie anyway although I was included in some of their marketing stuff

Wouldn't you know it Wayne and Garth are back shhhhhh with the we're not worthy stuff guys you are drawing crowds! Low key ok rolls eyes and makes face at them!

Sometimes I Just do not know what to do with them and it makes me a little blue! oh speaking of blue there was one last movie I was asked to be a part of it was called Avatar and the make up lady transformed me here for sure hehehehehe

I swear I have been out on the road way too much, I can tell I thought for sure I saw my furless friend Starwolf77 go by even took a pic of the one I thought was him, you tell me cuzzzzz I dunno anymore maybe I am just seeing doubles.  Do you think maybe it is actually him? Star is you are around lemme know if that was you K?

Well that is about it for now but I will try and be around more since I know sometimes I am away far too much! missing all my furless friends always

Till the next adventure!
Smugit Smugit
23 Responses Aug 11, 2010

You put lassie to shame ....S

I like broody pug and blue Avatar pug the best. Oh, and the Pez head. And no, Wayne and Garth are NOT worthy. BTW, Smugs, can I be your agent?


LOL Looks like loads of fun. My favorite shots are you smokin' your pipe in front of the Hollywood sign, you with Jake, that's such a natural shot and blue you with in your beanie. They did a great job! Hugs Smuggie! I'm glad you made it back so we can SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE & rest with treats.

these are smuggerific!!

You know, since you know Jake so well now..... You think you could put in a good word with his sister for me? :-P

hahhha, the avatar made me smile even when I was not in a mood for that :D

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh glowy and pixie I got you covered left your virtual numbers with them expect calls you were highly regarded and we had some great times!

This is great! But why didn't you kidnap George for me? I'd take really good care of him...

hey Star so was that you out there in Hollywood with me? roooooooooo?

shakes head then hugs you!


haha! I love it.

OOOOHHHHHHHHHHHH make up concerts! hehehehehe ok geetar come close now shhhhh secret ok I started out as an understudy for one of the members of the wolfe pack but emerged as more of a spirit guide for Bell and the gang! I pined for everyone but don't anyone K? hehehehe

Ahhhhh Smug! I just knew you had star quality baby! Hey, don't forget the little people when you walk the red carpet ok? hehehe!!! ;-)

OK... maybe I can schedule make up concerts at some of the venues.... our fans will probably forgive us after your first<br />
<br />

right there with ya my blue furry faced friend, I will doing more around the EP house promise! round and round trailguide hehehehehe Artsydesigns George is Pawesome!

awwww loves you too! LOVE IT WHEN YOU HAPPY! ready and shake shake shake! aaaahhhrrrrooooo!

Hahahahaha...Smugit gets around!

hehehehehe can't wait to find out if it was him reset! scratches head roooooooooo? ease up on what ever I am not easing up on? oh the weightloss yeah fad diet never try that at home

Looked like you lost some weight there between Jake and George. What's up with that?<br />
I think you should also ease up on what ever it is that your not easing up on. : )

runs over to my special Sarah head down, I sorry, missed you lots. I am back now and no plans to go off anywhere but where the pretty lady requests I be! hugs you!

You do realize that we punted no less than THREE CONCERT ENGAGEMENTS because you disappeared out to Hollywood! Our music fans are OUTRAGED!!!!!!