Rollercoaster Park - Take Enjoy of Adventurous Ridings


One time I and my friend were going on morning walk. By walking at a long distance we tired and like to take rest in park. In park, both of started to talk and making fun of each other. All the guys in park were seeing us and saying to each other that “how much these guys are smart and true friends”. We were also hearing them but we ignore it. On the way of talking, we talked to each other about the trip of ft. Lauderdale and remember all those memories which we from this beautiful city. We enjoyed a lot by remembering these memories and decide to share it with everyone after writing our experiences on this trip. When we were talking about our trip then one of guy came near to us and joins our company. That guy also gives a proposal of friendship to us and we accept the proposal. That guy also asked us that will you told me where did you go and how to manage your trip. He asked us can you suggest me where should I go this holiday because I also planning a trip. After hearing this we invite that guy for lunch on our house. When that guy reached to us then first of all we take lunch and enjoy. After taking lunch, we keep our images and videos in front of that guy. That guy also impressed by seeing our images and videos and said this holiday I shall organize my trip for this city. That guy was very excited to know more about this trip. I and my friends share our feeling with that guy and suggested him for visiting this city at least once. We told him that ft. Lauderdale city is most famous for its beaches and boats in the United States of Florida. This city is also known as the “Venice of America” due to its expansive and intricate canal system. That guy also asked us about ft. Lauderdale hotels that which hotel is best and from which site I should reserve my hotel. We also suggest the hotel site and told him that here you will find a lot of cheap ft. Lauderdale hotels which will be situated nearer to the attractions of this city and containing with all the modern facilities. We told him that we reserved our hotel from this site and went to this city by air for six days. We told him in detail about our trip. We dropped our flight on Hollywood international airport from where my hotel was situated at a very few distance. As we came outside the airport after collecting our luggage then we were surprised by seeing the beautiful architecture of this city. As this was the first day of our trip, so we have a lot of excitement in our heart. First of all, we take our breakfast outside the airport and know about the taxi rates. From airport, we rent a taxi to catch the hotel. As we reached to hotel then we became very happy by seeing our hotel because it was very nice and containing with all the facilities. We didn’t have so much time that we could go for any attraction because we were tired and want some rest. But due to lack to time we also made our first day more interesting. After taking some rest, we enjoy the facilities of our hotel do swimming in pool, fitness center and walk around the hotel. At the time of evening, we went to market where we take some juice and fruits. In market, we also talk with the people of this city and some of them became our good friends. They told us that if you came here for a trip then take a taxi instead of public transport facility. They helped us and arrange a taxi for us. At night we reached to our hotel, take dinner and made planning for next day. The next day, we get up early in the morning; follow daily routine, take breakfast, and go outside the hotel with our cam and some things for eat. The information about taxi has been reached to our room before waking up. On the second day of trip, our taxi takes us to ft. Lauderdale beach which was the most famous attraction in this city. At this beach, we enjoyed a lot and saw that some guys doing boating, some of them swimming, and some were doing fishing. On beach first of all, we rent a bicycle for exploring the beach which was the great experience. After exploring the beach, we take a water taxi and go for boating. We enjoyed a lot of boating and also do the deep sea fishing which was looking like a sport. Through this water taxi we went for the miles of waterways and enjoy this day. By doing these adventurous we forget to take our lunch. Really, this beach was a prime attraction in this city. At the time of evening, we went to some other attractions like parks which were situated near beach. We also take dinner outside our hotel’s restaurant which was very nice and all types of foods were available there. In dinner, we also joined our taxi driver which became very familiar with us in one day. After taking dinner, our taxi dropped us at hotel where we go to our bed for taking a good sleep with a lot of excitement in heart. On the third day, we came outside the hotel and our taxi was ready for us. This day our taxi also takes on other side of beach which was containing with the shopping mall, arts, and entertainment districts. This area was also very interesting and it attracts a lot of visitors. Every visitor must see this place. For exploring this place, we take bicycle on rent from beach. After exploring this place, we came to know that this beach lies between the Las Olas Blvd north to Sunrise Blvd. from Las Olas the river walk was connecting with the line of shops, arts, and entertainment places. At this place, we saw the museum of discover and science, and museum of arts which was the great place for performing the arts. We also went to Las Olas Boulevard which was the great collection of shops, bars, stores, and restaurants. We also take our lunch at this place and enjoy a lot this entertainment area. After coming back on beach, our taxi driver speaks one time more take enjoy of swimming also. We do swimming and went for other attractions. After this, he takes us for Rollercoaster Park where we take enjoy of exciting ridings. After this, our taxi takes us to butterfly world where we saw a lot of exotic butterflies and at this place we also get an opportunity for touching with nature. After this we went to flamingo garden where we get the chance to see the Florida’s birds. At the time of late evening, we went to swap shop which was containing with the worlds largest drive-in movie theatre and market. At this place we saw movie and from market we take good things like watch and clothes. In night, when we were taking dinner then our taxi driver suggest us that you should also go on Hollywood beach which is very nice place for young circle and it takes only one day. We also agreed with and go to Hollywood beach on the fourth day. When we reached at this place then we realize that it is a perfect place for young circles. At this place we enjoyed a lot and time of evening was very nice. We also went to nightclubs for enjoying the night, music, and dance. For seeing this place we also give a great thanks to that and returned back to our cheap hotel rooms at late night. The next day, we get up very late in morning because the previous night we reached late and were so tired. This day, we went to sport clubs where we enjoy of golfing and diving which were so interesting. After this we went to Sawgrass mills mega mall which was the very largest mall in USA with 300 retail stores. Swap shop was available in this mall. At this place, we take some good things and went to bar for taking a light drink. We also went to night clubs for enjoying the nightlife of this city. After taking the dinner we reached to our hotel and packed our luggage because next day we returned back to our home. The next day, we visit around our hotel and mange all these memories and give a great thanks to our friends who manage us taxi. We also take our lunch at their house. At the time of evening our taxi came to our hotel. We checked out our hotel with nice memories and say the thanks to the management of hotel. After checking out the hotel, we paid the amount of our taxi and give him also thanks to that. That was also very impressed with us and said us I never meet with any tourist like you. He dropped us on airport at free of cost. After this, we catch our flight and fly to our hometown. After hearing all these, our friend said to us that you heard you’re all the experiences in such a manner as if we are visiting in ft. Lauderdale. Our friend also told us that definitely I will go there and we also give him contact numbers of our friends which we made us. By hearing all these, we did not come to know when the night has been. As the time of has become so we take a very little drink and dropped our friend to his house and we also take our dinner at his house. After taking our dinner we returned back to our house. 

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I feel like I was with you. I was surprised how much I got caught up in your story and did not want to miss a word! Thanks for sharing!...DD