I guess it's because I'm a sucker and fall way to easy... maybe so needy a soul that I jump right in with my entire heart and care way too much. Not just in love but in everything I do. I tackle each new thing with the most joy, love and pride and get wrapped up way to easily and then BOOM I am shot down a fool once again.

*heavy sigh* such is life

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Oh no! I think you are wonderful - and just need to readjust your filter on this one. <br />
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Look at what you wrote: 'You jump in with my entire heart and care too much ..' that takes a wonderful, caring, considerate and compassionate person to do this -- also someone who is very strong. It takes courage to lead with your heart and not your head sometimes. <br />
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Now - I am way too chicken to lead with my heart. Would I love to do this?? Most definitely -- I am constantly looking for that passion in life, but I've locked my heart up, and I don't anymore -- I don't jump in with my heart. My damn head gets in the way!!!! <br />
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And - if your heart's approach is not working, then you can always go back in with your head .... <br />
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So don't be hard on yourself -- consider yourself lucky and blessed. For all of these wonderful experiences that you have had, even if they were not right, have shaped who you are. <br />
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I believe that everything and everyone comes into your life for a reason -- the hard part is discovering why!!!

I'm once again becoming a prisoner in my own home. Came out for a while but I miss the security of it... sad when your own best friend has a conversation with your answering machine because you can't get up the strength to speak w/o tears... uuhhgg

MSP, putting your whole self into whatever you do does not make you a fool... It just makes you vunerable. But not doing so would make you overly cautious and prevent you from really living life to the fullest. I am the same way, girl. Hugs.