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To The Anti-Gun Control People Who Have Posted In This Group.

Friday, December 14, 2012.

Why have ANTI-gun control people dishonestly joined this group in order to post inflammatory stories which do not reflect the central premise of this group? 

They are NOT for gun control, so why have you joined this group under false pretenses in order to post anti-gun control stories?

This group is titled "I Am For Gun Control"

It's not called "I Want To Discuss Gun Control"

It's not called "I'm Not Sure Gun Control Works"

It' certainly is not called "I Am Against Gun Control"

Why can't you 2nd Amendment freaks just join a group that honestly reflects how you feel?

There is an EP group called "I Believe In The 2nd Amendment", which has 107 members...why don't you join this group & post your anti-gun control stories there?

There is an EP group called "I Believe In The Right To Keep And Bear Arms", so why don't you join this group and post your anti-gun control stories there?

There is no EP group called "I Am Against Gun Control"; so why don't you start one?

To join a group called "I Am For Gun Control" when you're actually AGAINST gun control is the act of a coward and a liar.

This morning, a 20 year old gun nut put on a bulletproof vest and, after killing his mother, who owned the assault weapons,..  he  then drove to a Connecticut elementary school and shot and killed 20 innocent children, and six innocent adults.

Here is how one person put it:
"To the 2nd Amendment extremists -- you have the blood of children on your hands....
To defend unlimited gun rights today reveals you as the bottom dwellers that you are...
You are part of the problem...
You are the enablers....
Your absolutism kills....
Your patron, the NRA, is an accomplice to these shootings...
Your unyielding opposition [to gun control] sounds like a cheer as the bodies are being dragged out of the school...
They are merely sacrifices to your second amendment god....
Collateral damage so you can stroke and coo at your precious gun."
goodogstay goodogstay 46-50, M 4 Responses Dec 14, 2012

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I agree! Same thing with all the Christians that join the atheist groups I'm in just to tell us how wrong we are

right on good dog. let them join another group or START YOUR OWN! i'm not a member here but i truly believe automatic ought to be banned. this slaughter is too much. it has got to stop.

Guns don't kill, people do; but, guns enable people who couldn't kill without them.

Actually, the phrase "Guns don't kill people, people do" is the National Rifle Association"s answer anytime there is a mass killing...Guns DO kill people, as evidenced by the killing of 20 innocent children today at Sandy Hook Elementary School......I see that you have joined this group....I hope that you agree with the central premise of this group,and that you honestly are for gun control; and are not like the "fakers" who have dishonestly joined this group with the sole purpose of posting inflammatory ANTI gun control stories.

I well know that is the NRA slogan. I was trying to highlight one of the fallacies of that assertion.

Sorry, I thought you were a gun nut, .. they strongly believe that "guns don't kill people" bullshit.