Gun Crazy In America! The Lobbyists That Support The Right-wingnuts Who Want Them!

American Idyll: The Gun Lobby and the Killing of Children

So now children in Connecticut are dead and dying because we are too chicken to get guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.

Too chicken or too crazy: Apparently too many people would rather kiss guns than kiss other people.

Yesterday Colorado, today Connecticut, tomorrow where?  

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and its horde of gun nuts continually crow that it's not guns that kill people but people who kill people.

Sorry, it's not a genius thought, because in truth, what people do is pull the triggers, the bullets are the actual killers. If the idea is that people are responsible and not their weapons responsible, why not put bazookas and rocket launchers and hand grenades in the hands of people to make it possible to wipe out whole buildings of people at one time? -- all of it for the sake of an obsolete and currently stupid inclusion in the Constitution of a "right to bear arms" -- a right that no longer makes any sense except to people who make money selling guns.

We outlaw the sale of many poisons because they can be used to easily kill people, but the most insidious killing devices of all, guns and bullets, are available everywhere because in the 18th century there were backwoods people killing animals for food, and because a so-called armed local militia was thought then to be a deterrent against government tyranny.

In the first place, we don't need to put the lives of everyone, especially city and suburban people, at risk because of backwoods hunting. Making weapons available for backwood entertainment hunting results in the deaths of too many innocent people. The hell with hunting and buffoon "hunters" when hunting is now merely entertainment and not an economic necessity.

In the second place, it's a bit crazy to have everyone armed with lethal weapons in a democracy in case of a hypothetical transformation of the democracy into a tyranny. The consequence of public guns to protect against a hypothetical tyranny results in the deaths of too many innocent people.

And finally, to have private people armed with guns as defense against other private people armed with guns pushes society to the crazy laws of the jungle and the use of guns in the street by the people who want to use guns for the sake of using guns and not for the sake of self defense.

Guns kill people, including children, and all guns need to be highly regulated and if possible removed from the hands of everyone except people in law enforcement.

It's time to tell the NRA, the gun lobby, and all the moral imbeciles, psychiatric cases, and entertainment hunters to stop kissing their guns and start thinking about what's good for the public at large -- including what's good for their own children.

Really, if some people like kissing guns, let's have the gun barrels blocked with lead and let them kiss all they want. Let them kiss guns, eat bullets, do whatever they like -- as long as it's not possible to use private guns to kill people.

by The Huffington Post.

I also wish to add my own thoughts here
Another problem is the Budget Cut's in Mental Health system
Budget cuts to mental health programs are the first to get slashed....due to the economy failing...way to much has been cut, in mental health...that's a key part of the problem!  Wake up America....The more mental health they cut...the more of this we are going to have..with or without stricter gun control laws, which I also happen to think we need.

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When I first saw "Texas Ranger with Chuck Norris" I thought of the show was cool. Then in the late 1999's I heard he was supporting the NRA and Gun rights for the Rightwing-nuts. I was dismayed! And earlier this year with the GOP Convention they had: Clint Eastwood. These Actor's that think supporting Gun Rights need Celebrity Fame and Support. I could not watch the GOP Convention on TV months ago for all the reasons and it was annoying to me. Yeak! Famous Actor's doesn't Support True Morality, in my frame of mind. Now it kind of makes me think of like trying to place a pin from these crimes on these Actor's for their moron beliefs. So this is what everyone wants?