Just Another Example

I live in southern Maine, and just this week a young couple in Biddeford was gunned down over a parking dispute. PARKING!!! The person who killed them both was their seventy year old landlord. If we lived in a country with gun control, they would be alive today. PERIOD. There is no way an elderly man could kill two people in their early twenties with a knife or club. Seriously harm? Perhaps. But kill? No way. At what point will human life be more important than some rednecks need for a personal home arsenal? Rifles and shotguns for registered hunters? Sure! Every idiot with a couple hundred bucks owning a concealable handgun? No ******* way. Time to address the real problem, not video games and violent movies.
jdavid207 jdavid207
31-35, M
Jan 6, 2013