Now So Much More Than Ever Before

And when the gun nuts go on their diatribes... it makes me even MORE sure they should not be allowed to own them.
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This is one of the reasons most of us "foreigners" will never understand the US...

Since when the solution to a problem is to make it bigger? I can't help but laugh whenever I hear a NRA spokesperson explain that a shooting happened because not everyone was carrying a gun.

Criminals and mentally Ill will always be able to get their hands on guns and if not they'll use cars or hatchets like we've seen in Canada, and NYC last month. I'm not going around trying to force you to live away you don't want so please don't try to do that to me.
My father saved 10 people's lives with his Glock and I've saved horses, a house cat, and my beloved Boxer dog from scary painful deaths at the teeth of coyotes, and wolves using my semi auto M4 with a high cap 30rd. mag and it was a good thing I had 30 rds and extra magazines
when you say "diatribes" nobody mentioned the gun grabbers lying stats about mass shootings, gun sales without background checks, and carefully worded poll question to low information voters while cooking the books to get their false numbers all to impose their will on the unwilling masses; the last Clinton gun ban did Nothing to bring crime down, in fact police across the country agree more armed citizens = less crime across the board.
I won't change any of your minds today but the 2nd amendment a cornerstone of America gives the people the final and total power to keep all the rest of the amendments including the first that gives us all the right to post our thoughts and beliefs here. A right that not everyone has in the world.
If you want to stop gun crime work on the mentally ill and criminals Not law biding responsible citizens!!!

Maybe you should go move to canada.... I bet if more people walked around armed there would be a lot less crime. Would you go rob a bank if you new everyone in there had a gun? Would you mug someone that had a pistol on there belt? Who really cares if it's a "assault rifle" and looks scary and can hold 30 bullets a magazine change takes about a full second. And the school thing in CT was a dept of hls exercise. Posed with actors so these crooked politicians can pass there anti constitutional laws. Even the va sent out letters to us veterans offering free trigger locks all we had to do was tell them how many we needed. So when they come around like hitlers ss police to round them up they know how many you have. Maybe you should educate your self with the facts about history and about just how many young men and woman have died defending that very constitutional law you crooked anti gun people want to give up because once there gone they will never come back. And one day when you or one of your child's lives may be lost because there was no one with a gun around to stop what was accruing.

Yes, they are paranoid and delusional they are the mentally's scary.

Standing up & loudly cheering. You said it!
My God! The absolutely F******g crazy people, like that guy on Pierce Morgan show and other nuts who think U.N is going to enslave them or their government is out to "annihilate" them? Please, take away their guns... and knives, bats, sticks, stones everything too. lol

I hope you slip and fall on a pencil and get stabbed in the eye with it. :-)