The NRA Response To Gun Control

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2 Responses Jan 16, 2013

Pistols for everybody!
My favorite part of this was when Rob Reiner just stares, disbelieving. That was pretty much my reaction when the NRA held their press conference.
Archie was the king of satire. The NRA is serious. Scary stuff.

I forgot the good guy part. They also said "If only the principal had had a gun and if only one of the people in the audience at Aurora had had a gun. Excellent ideas; armed staff at elementary schools and moviegoers shooting in the dark. I read somewhere that even seasoned SWAT team members are traumatized by shootouts a lot of the time, as are soldiers--people really trained to react in seconds to horrific events. It all just gives me a migraine.

He had this down pat!!! They are still spewing the same sh!t.

Well I saw a story today that some guard who was hired at a school went and left his gun in the boys room.... brilliant.