I Control My Guns'.!!!!

Gun control is placing the bullet RIGHT where I aim.!!!!!! My person gun is always on me and in CONTROL.!!! My second gun is locked in a safe that is hidden. Another part of gun control is keeping a mentally ill jerk from getting them and shooting innocent kids ina school classroom.!!!!!!
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3 Responses Jan 21, 2013

Same here. I never leave home without side arm

You better not leave home without it.!
I never leave home without mine ( or my hairbrush for spanking lol )

Haha. It's against his rule of I leave home without it. It must always be near me. Even in the house

Yes, it's on the counter during the day and by the bed when sleeping.

You're absolutly right..Everybody needs a gun to protect themselves ..I can NOT feel secure under any roof, unless there is a loaded gun ready to be used at any moment needed..and of course someone who knows how to use it !!I can't even look at guns !!

Short and to the point. Very well said, sir.