Reasonable Gun Control Is Wise.

Gun control does not mean taking away the guns. Our country has a rich history of sensible weapons ownership until recently. I own four shotguns, an old single shot 12 gauge my dad gave me on my 12th birthday. A side by side 12 and an over and under 12. I'm a bird hunter and that gives me instant selection of shot patterns with modified or full choke. I also have a 20 gauge pump I bought for my daughter to use when hunting with me. I have rifles, a sporterised 30.06 Springfield bolt action rifle, a 243 bolt action varmint rifle, and a 22 Winchester bolt action, I purchased myself at age 15 to hunt squirrels with. The 243 and the 22 are both scope equipped and have five round clips The pump shotgun has a wooden block to limit the shells to three as by old Michigan law. My pistol is an old 38 special revolver that I carried when hunting bear with a bow and arrow. All of these guns served a good purpose when used as they were intended to be used.

I served with the USMC in Korea. We were taught to shoot accurately at distances of 500 yards with open peep sights using a M1 Garand 30.06. Every Marine was required to qualify with that weapon every year, because every Marine from the Commandant to the newest private is a rifleman first and foremost. My job was a machine gunner, so I qualified expert with a machine gun, and with a 45 Automatic issued as my side arm. I also qualified with a BAR, have used 3.5 rocket launchers and dropped mortars down the tube. This to show I'm not unfamiliar with military weapons of the past and of military procedures. I am a lifetime member of the VFW, the DAV and a dues paid up member of the local American Legion post.

We knew our weapons and what they were capable of. A test I completed often would consist of being blindfolded, then led to a bunk where a light machine gun, and Garand M1, and a colt 45 ACP would be dissembled, the parts placed in a blanket and the blanket shaken up. You had to reassemble all three weapons blindfolded within five minutes time. We learned how our weapons worked, and what their capabilities were. We could be severely punished if we roamed away from our camp site without a loaded weapon.

In civilian life, we had other laws, just as valid as service laws. No one wanted to take away our guns, not then and not now. But some common sense was required. Just as we no longer passed the ******* butter, we no longer blew **** up. We were in two different worlds and they can never be combined or considered equal. When I went squirrel hunting with my 22LR I sat patiently like a Marine, and took one shot and made it count. Getting my target and supper every time I squeezed the trigger. I didn't need some semiautomatic rifle with a large clip. Spraying bullets at a target like some Rambo might look cool in the movies, but remember Rambo spent the Vietnam years in the Netherlands teaching girls how to play volleyball, not in the jungle. If the first shot doesn't do it, 29 more will just make a lot of noise and scare the target off. There is the problem today, to many wanna bes who want to run around in the woods playing army guy shooting their guns like a Rambo. They are the ones who kill children, or others as they have been desensitized to weapons and the damage they can cause to people.

A return to the laws in effect before the NRA and the arms industry had them changed to sell more guns is the arms control we had and should return to today. Those laws were simple, guns were not carried in towns or occupied places. In transport to a range or field they were locked unloaded in the trunk of your car. Weapons could not be loaded within 500 yards of a dwelling when hunting. In Michigan where live, a centerfire rifle cartridge cannot be used in hunting below a line drawn about half way up in the lower peninsula. That is mostly farmland and high powered cartridges carry a long way. Those were the laws, a shotgun was limited to being loaded with 3 shells. If you had a loaded weapon in the field you were required to display a hunting license on your back.

People walking around with guns in the grocery store are a sad lot, suffering a paranoia brought on by the NRA and others using them to sell more products. So yes I support a return to reasonable Gun Control. Not taking away any guns, but limiting where and when you can use them. Under todays laws with NRA support, a person walking down the street with an AR15 loaded with 223 military cartridges heading to the local theater or restaurant to get even is within the law. That is the sickness of the NRA and the real enemy of the USA, that rich Australian fellow who is attacking our country with his mouthpieces on TV creating hatred for one another among the population..
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Well said.