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It's 5am for me now, and I was woken up by my brain philosophising over this.

I'm 100% for gun control. NOBODY needs to be wandering around with a semi-automatic. Nobody. No matter what the situation. (This isn't counting the military)

The big pictures is that if you maintain the utilities to perpetuate war, war will perpetuate. You cannot be peaceful with a firearm, it just isn't possible. They aren't designed for self defence, they're designed to kill. That's what they were designed for and that's what they do. It's also what people do with them. Of course, America just isn't ready, just like the rest of the world, to become peaceful yet. I agree with American's owning a pistol. But anything stronger than that isn't necessary.

The parents of those murdered in Sandy Hook (which I cried over for days, so whilst I sound insensitive here, I feel so strongly for those beautiful children. One even had the same name as me!) Stated that the principle should have carried a heavy weapon so as to shoot the attacker! What kind of lesson are you teaching children?!

Despite what a lot of Americans think, Guns DO kill people. It's not the people with the guns, it's the guns. That's what they were designed for. As I've stated before, I agree that there should be arms in the community, it IS in their constitution and it's too late to change that now. Just keep the weapon small. It doesn't have to be a semi automatic.
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For a point of clarity. ..firearms (pistols) are broken down into 2 basic groups. Revolvers and Autoloaders. They each have 3 groups.Single actionDouble action / single actionDouble action onlyRevolvers have the cartridges in a cylinder. Single action types are the old western "six shooters" The hammer has to be cocked back manually for each shot. The trigger on this type does only one thing...releases the hammer.Double action Revolvers are the modern type where the trigger does two functions. Pulling the trigger brings back the hammer to a point of release..or you can so manually **** it and shot it as a single action.The double action only cannot be manually cocked. The trigger moves the hammer back and the releases it.The Autoloaders aka semiautomatic pistols have magazines or clips that hold the ammunition. The single action needs to be cocked to be shot for the first round. After that another round is automatically loaded in the chamber after the fired round is ejected. All Autoloaders have slides that move rearward to extract the fired round and move forward to pick up the next one from the magazine. These types include the 1911 colt , Glock and Springfield XD. When The double action autoloader functions exactly like the single action except that the gun does not need to be cocked. The trigger either clocks the hammer or moves the striker rearward to the point of release. This type can be also shot in the single action mode

When the hammer Berretta .is manually cocked .examples are Sig Sauer 226 , Walther P99 and Berretta 92 The double action only autoloader cannot be cocked and are shot like a double action only revolver...The difference being that the round is fed by a magazine. An example would be Berretta 92D.
When you are discussing terms like semi autos ...know what you are talking about.

Very well said!!!!!

If banning guns will get them off the streets we should also ban hard drugs so people stop killing themselves that way two.

They ARE banned.

thats my point!