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It's 5am for me now, and I was woken up by my brain philosophising over this.

I'm 100% for gun control. NOBODY needs to be wandering around with a semi-automatic. Nobody. No matter what the situation. (This isn't counting the military)

The big pictures is that if you maintain the utilities to perpetuate war, war will perpetuate. You cannot be peaceful with a firearm, it just isn't possible. They aren't designed for self defence, they're designed to kill. That's what they were designed for and that's what they do. It's also what people do with them. Of course, America just isn't ready, just like the rest of the world, to become peaceful yet. I agree with American's owning a pistol. But anything stronger than that isn't necessary.

The parents of those murdered in Sandy Hook (which I cried over for days, so whilst I sound insensitive here, I feel so strongly for those beautiful children. One even had the same name as me!) Stated that the principle should have carried a heavy weapon so as to shoot the attacker! What kind of lesson are you teaching children?!

Despite what a lot of Americans think, Guns DO kill people. It's not the people with the guns, it's the guns. That's what they were designed for. As I've stated before, I agree that there should be arms in the community, it IS in their constitution and it's too late to change that now. Just keep the weapon small. It doesn't have to be a semi automatic.
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For a point of clarity. ..firearms (pistols) are broken down into 2 basic groups. Revolvers and Autoloaders. They each have 3 groups.Single actionDouble action / single actionDouble action onlyRevolvers have the cartridges in a cylinder. Single action types are the old western "six shooters" The hammer has to be cocked back manually for each shot. The trigger on this type does only one thing...releases the hammer.Double action Revolvers are the modern type where the trigger does two functions. Pulling the trigger brings back the hammer to a point of release..or you can so manually **** it and shot it as a single action.The double action only cannot be manually cocked. The trigger moves the hammer back and the releases it.The Autoloaders aka semiautomatic pistols have magazines or clips that hold the ammunition. The single action needs to be cocked to be shot for the first round. After that another round is automatically loaded in the chamber after the fired round is ejected. All Autoloaders have slides that move rearward to extract the fired round and move forward to pick up the next one from the magazine. These types include the 1911 colt , Glock and Springfield XD. When The double action autoloader functions exactly like the single action except that the gun does not need to be cocked. The trigger either clocks the hammer or moves the striker rearward to the point of release. This type can be also shot in the single action mode

When the hammer Berretta .is manually cocked .examples are Sig Sauer 226 , Walther P99 and Berretta 92 The double action only autoloader cannot be cocked and are shot like a double action only revolver...The difference being that the round is fed by a magazine. An example would be Berretta 92D.
When you are discussing terms like semi autos ...know what you are talking about.

In eastern coast Australia people are more Liberal.

There's no difference between the two places. Eastern Australians just don't talk to strangers on public transport as much and they have hills.

Very well said!!!!!

That's fascism and totalitarianism to do so. Oh so you believe you just hide somewhere when somebody tries to kill you and the cops magically appear right next to you when you call them like wizards? Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither, I think the State has become an ob<x>ject of worship in today's world too much.

Also banning wont work, criminals will get shipments and buy through black markets. For example a gun massacre happened even though there were gun laws and Sweden doesn't allow guns at all and a guy still got guns and killed everbody. All it will do is population control, remove self defense and make criminals have more powerful or become a mafia state.

No it's not Fascism, nor totalitarianism. Learn the definitions and actually read my post before you go running around with the Dictator flag. Yeah, a guy got a gun and killed people, but it happens SO much less. The reason it's on the news is BECAUSE it's such a freak occurrence. Getting shot in America is like having breakfast.

Deterrent to crimes (all crimes including murder) is to have EFFECTIVE PUNISHMENT and CONSEQUENCES.
America's high crime rates can be attributed to re volving-door justice. In a typical year in the U.S., there are 8.1 million serious crimes like homicide, assault, and burglary. Only 724,000 adults are arrested and fewer still (193,000) are convicted. Less than 150,000 are sentenced to prison, with 36,00 0 serving less than a year (U.S. News and World Report, July 31, 1989). A 1987 National Institute of Justice study found that the average felon released due to prison overcrowding commits upwards of 187 crimes per year, costing society approximately $430, 000.

Foreign countries are two to six times more effective in solving crimes and punishing criminals than the U.S. In London, about 20% of reported robberies end in conviction; in New York City, less than 5% result in conviction, and in those cases imprisonment is frequently not imposed. Nonetheless, England annually has twice as many homicides with firearms as it did before adopting its tough laws. Despite tight licensing procedures, the handgun-related robbery rate in Britain rose about 200% during the past dozen years, five times as fast as in the U.S.
art of Japan's low crime rate is explained by the efficiency of its criminal justice system, fewer protections of the right to privacy, and fewer rights for criminal suspects than exist in the United States. Japanese police routinely search citizens at will and twice a year pay "home visits" to citizens' residences. Suspect confession rate is 95% and trial conviction rate is over 99.9%. The Tokyo Bar Association has said that the Japanese police routinely "...engage in torture or illegal treatment. Even in cases where suspects claimed to have been tortured and their bodies bore the physical traces to back their claims, courts have still accepted their confessions." Neither the powers and secrecy of the police nor the docility of defense counsel would be acceptable to most Americans. In addition, the Japanese police understate the amount of crime, particularly covering up the problem of organized crime, in order to appear more efficient an d worthy of the respect the citizens have for the police.

Firstly it goes against democracy and free will and secondly it will make criminals rule the streets, what about the corrupt cops who don't care? Many bad governments who are paranoid of being overthrown like Nazi Germany, Russia and China have banned guns. Doing so goes against free will and stops self defense. It's supposed to be a free country, that's like banning freedom of speech.

No it doesn't. I don't know where you're getting your information from, purity. Read my story. Read what I'm saying and don't jump on the bandwagon. No it won't, secondly, because criminals ALREADY rule the streets. You act as if someone else does. America is riddled with crime already. It's nothing like banning freedom of speech. I live in Australia. Here, we don't have guns. We aren't allowed to have them unless we get them from a specialised place, we must have a scan and a license to have them. It doesn't stop self defence, because if people don't have guns, you don't need to defend yourself against a gun. You give someone a gun, you give them an easy way to hurt you and hurt your family. The answer isn't "Oh, need a bigger gun!" it's "Oh, well if NOBODY had guns, then NOBODY could shoot me!"

Crime in America already rules the streets, and they do so because they have firearms at their disposal. Having firearms makes having drugs that much easier.

The majority of my generation(Generation Z) agree that the gun laws are pointless. It's the government who should be afraid of it's people not the people being afraid of the government and no you do need to defend yourself against a gun because the leak hole is already huge and people are already getting shot and killed in NSW at where I live because they don't have guns to defend themselves and the criminals use them and rule the streets. People are dieing here and many people are getting shot all because they can't defend themselves with guns. Lots of shootings here still, gun laws don't work, and what's happening in NSW especially in Sydney proves they don't. Lots of shootings using weapons from dealers and black markets.

You are one of the reasons I'm terrified to visit America.
People are lying to you, and i don't know what they're feeding you but you're spitting out cliche's left right and centre. Criminals ALREADY rule the streets. READ MY STORY. I'm not banning ALL guns here, just banning Semi-autos. For the last time!

No, it's because they've been GIVEN guns. You can't get shot without a gun! The guns come from America. America exports to Europe and Australia and they all work this big-*** circle jerk.
No guns? No problem. NOBODY even needs a semi-automatic.

But anyway the best solution is perhaps death penalty(Only For the ones who kill) which will drive fear into criminals for example when one is being gassed they film it live in television. For example a guy who did a gun massacre gets executed by using lethal nova gas(Since the WWII one was gone use the soviet one which looks very horrifying enough to drive fear, got this from Wikipedia) The guns come from Saudi Arabia or Palestine mostly and many are made in Russia or China according to news here. As for semi-auto weapons banning I am only against the desert eagle ban because the desert eagle is a popular gun but not popular for crime due to it's very high recoil and etc. So maybe don't ban the desert eagle?

Amen Purity, what we should fear the most is our government. Why has the government bought up over 1.5 BILLION rounds of ammo?

Notso, you miss the point. Murder and evil comes from the heart of a person, and you don't need a gun to kill someone, when a person has murder or harming another in their heart.

Too many people have been killed by their governments because they were defenseless, because the government had taken their guns or had extreme restrictions.

Will they probably ban cars as well next and say that cars kill then make everbody ride in horse carriages or on horses?

If they did decide to do that it would be funny.

They wouldn't be rendered defenceless, because nobody would have semiautomatics. i'm not missing a point, you can still have war machines, but NOBODY. N O B O D Y needs a semi automatic and THAT'S what they're trying to ban. They aren't trying to take away your rights to free speech, you can shout whether or not you are accompanied by an AK47. It's taking away your ability to own an overpowered gun that nobody except the military should own.

People for gun control usually want all guns banned. More people are killed by handguns than assault rifles.

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If banning guns will get them off the streets we should also ban hard drugs so people stop killing themselves that way two.

They ARE banned.

thats my point!