The Time Is Now. Be Bold.

What a sweetheart she is.  Now we know why congressmen from both sides of the aisle proclaimed affection for her .  Her spirit shines.   
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I am watching news footage right now of a local shooting at a middle school. A 14 year old student was shot by another student. I feel sick.

Oh, no, Lilt. Its too much to bear, but you know what, if Congresswoman Giffords can soldier on, I better get my head out of my a$$ and help with this effort!.

I keep hearing people say we need armed guards at schools and armed teachers. More guns??? I suppose the bus drivers will need some weapons too. How about that, Annie? Now you will need a drug test, background check, flawless driving record and a 90% target practice score...

We are witnessing the epic fail of american civilization. I'd say its a pretty safe bet that a society that needs to have armed guards around its children is a society that is sick, sick, sick. Where was it? In alabama, I think, a bus driver was shot. Last I heard, the wacko still has the kid he stole off the bus. WTF!

I agree, Annie. Armed guards at the elementary schools is a pathetic solution for a much bigger problem.

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This is very moving, Annie. I am glad you shared it. She is a brave woman, for sure.
I saw a disturbing statistic in the paper recently. In my county, gun permit applications increased 89% in the past year. And 107% in a neighboring county!

While I was watching her I kept waiting for the hecklers. That is sad, but is what I have come to expect from the gun nuts. She is an inspiration.

She and her husband are going to get things done. I can feel it.

They heckled the father of one of the children that died in Newtown. They have no moral souls, so they don't care.


And hope.

I wonder how badly her brain was damaged. I know her right arm is paralyzed and she walks very haltedlly. (Is that a word?)

Oh I think she's in there. Head trauma(mildly put here) recovery starts real basic and builds exponentially - when it does of course. The only good news about head trauma recovery is it only gets better.

I think she knows what's up - speech is just a ***** for her right now. No way in hell her husband lets anyone drag her out and pawn her. She did this cause she wanted to do it, IMO.

Thanks for puttin it up - I'd read about it but not seen it.

Yes, I live right up the street from where this happened!!!! Was on my way down to that very shopping center that morning!!! Watched the helicopter take off with her to UMC Trauma center!!!!

Thank God you weren't there when it happened! I wonder how many people can say that nowadays.... that they have had or live near a close call to a gun catastrophe. An employee at a supermarket near us shot up the place during the night shift and killed a couple of his co workers.

I am one of those who can say they were actually at the site of a shooting -- being shot at, in fact, along with my kids. I feel very blessed that my kids are not part of the statistics. What saved them? The fact that I had a gun and could protect them. At any rate, I have good reason to wish, as you do, that there were no gun violence. At the same time, I am glad that my children survived the attack.

Do you live here in Tucson too, nelladell?

Nell, according to Wikipedia, Giffords was shot with a Glock 19 semi automatic pistol with a capacity for a 15 round magazine. Surely, you can see that weapons like that (and worse!) need to be strictly and widely regulated as to availability.

I don't.

The different attitudes towards firearms is fascinating and often stems from regional differences. I come from an inner city as does my family and all our in laws..... for many generations. No one ever owned a gun. We never knew anybody who owned a gun. The idea was crazy. The crime rate was not exactly nil, but we knew how to conduct ourselves, situations to avoid and where and when to be out and about so none of us were ever victims of a crime, unarmed though we were. Guns equaled danger, not protection. Only outlaws needed them cause they were criminals and, by definition, involved themselves with other criminals. I mean, If we had met somebody who had a gun back where I come from, they would be flat out judged as no good and outside decent society, to be quite frank about it. The gun's very existence would be seen as an indicator of trouble to come.

i should have made my statement clearer. sorry. when i said "i don't," i was replying to the question about my living in tucson. i certainly understand the point about regional differences. that aside, if my children had died that day, i would still be mourning the fact that i did not have the means to save them -- no matter where i came from.

I tell you what..... If I had been there on that day, after you had overcome with your gun, I would have helped you bash the guy's head in with the heels of my foot till it was a pulpy mess of pulverized brain and skull which we would then feed to the dogs!

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