I would so love to be able to just get up, grab my keys, get in the car and go do whatever and wherever I want, without having to think about getting dressed. It would just be so much more convenient. Freedom to choose whether to get dressed.
skycladpa skycladpa
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3 Responses Aug 22, 2014

This sounds like a great idea in theory. I just don't think society as a whole is mature enough to handle something like this. It smells too much of freedom. LOL

I agree, I love to be naked, to feel the sun on my skin - all of it!

Makes sense to me. We need to push the envelope by doing as much of that as we can get away with. Be seen naked. Just do it.

My family goes to many places where we can be naked and not worry about the clothes police showing up and at home we are usually naked. The freedom of not having clothes that bind is amazing and I'm sure if more people tried it .....