Lionel's Story

The love of my best friend,my true soulmate the very air i breath was bruttaly murdered on New Year's Eve 1-1-11....Since that day my life has went to **** basicly....i am cronicly depressed,im lost without him,i dont even know where to begin to pick up the pieces of this dissaster.He was also my childrens father...We have a beautiful daughter Cecilia who is now turning 8 and i was 4 in a half months pregnate when he was killed as well...he never met beautiful Isabella...but he would have adored her just like Ceci...The two evil men who murdered Lionel and his cousin Luis names are Angel Rivera and Jose Medina...i cringe at the thought of their names...they are taking to to trial...i dont know what is going to is the state of CT so i know they wont get the death penalty..but they deserve to...i dont want to have to ever worry about them out here for my lifetime of my childrens...people who murder have no idea the ripple effect it causes and how all of the victims family suffers,the pain will never ever go will be with me every step i take for the rest of my life...the nightmares i have...the image of him the last time i got to see him cold and dead..only 24 years old with his whole life ahead of him...a beautiful man inside and out...a loyal friend and father...with a heart of gold and the most beautiful smile ive ever seen.My daughter asks me questions all the time that a cannot answer..she is too young to know the truth...its so hard on on my own now as a single mother i was with Lionel since i was 14..he was my 1st boyfriend...the 1st boy i ever kissed! he was my everything....i go on for my daughter's....not for misserble inside,lonley,hurt,angry full full of pain and saddness...they took my life allong with theirs...everyone tells me im not the same anymore...we were to get married a few days after he was murdered,i honored it the best i could and legally changed my last name to heart is broken...i wish that they would just die and go to hell for what they have person has the right to take away someone's life.I AM FOR THE DEATH PENALTY!!!!!
Rest in peace my love...Lionel Paolo Roldan 3-1-86 - 1-1-11 Gone too soon.
Christina Roldan
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Sep 16, 2012