Its Not About Prevention

People say that the death penalty is not stop others from killing.... I believe this to be true... but that is not the reason I believe in the death penalty...

If killers stayed in prison forever guaranteed bending license plates for us all for eternity I would be against the death penalty...

No my concern is with bleading hearts that let a child rapist back into society some day hoping for reform...

The death penalty may not prevent others from commiting the crime... but I guarantee that the person getting the death penalty will never ever repeat that crime again.

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5 Responses Sep 6, 2009

I am most definatley against the death penalty. I watched a documentry called the "The Execution Of Gary Glitter." It completley changed my views on the subject and I challenge anyone who believes in the death penalty to watch it and still say that it is a good idea. It is nothing more than a return to the dark ages of barbarism, and we risk losing the humanity we have left, without it we cannot claim to be the decent human being we try to be. Could anyone REALLY do it? Send a man to death, no matter what they've done, could we really live with the blood of that person on our hands for our lives?

"The death penalty should be cheaper... why does it cost more???"<br />
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It costs more because prisoners on death row are usually housed in a single cell and the guard to convict ratio is much higher. Also, their appeals are given very serious priority as the givernment doesn't want to fry an innocent. Ted Bundy appealed and appealed for years, and that's the case more often than not.

I think the death penalty is hypocritical. Killing to show that killing is wrong. The main problem I have with it is what if the person is innocent? You can't bring them back from the dead.

I'm against the death penalty - I think it lets offenders off to easily.<br />
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Yes, it lets them off too easily. If I was convicted of a crime and was looking at anything longer than a few years in prison, I'd probably kill myself. <br />
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I like the idea of murderers and rapists having to watch their corn holes for the rest of their lives. To have to be wary of everyone around them who may try, and are often successful at, killing or seriously injuring them.<br />
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Also, it costs about 5 times more to house prisoners on death row than it does to house those jailed for life. Personally, I'd prefer not to have to pay so much...<br />
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Incidentally, there is a wonderful new sentencing measure (by "new" I mean, recent within the last 10 -15 years or so) called "life without the possibility of parole". If they commit the crime again, the smart money says it will be against one of their own kind, since the only way it could take place against someone in the outside world is if they escaped prison.

An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. I am against the death penalty. If the victim's family personally want to kill the criminal, then they should go for it, but the people who make the decision to kill the person have not been personally affected by his actions and therefore have no right to stand there and say he deserves to die. I'm not opposed to the odd bit of torture though.