What I Think

This Isn't so much a story about a personal experience, but about what I think and my opinions. I strongly believe that everyone in this world should be granted the right of respect ,equality and peace no matter who they are, their  colour,  or where they come from. I also strongly believe that everyone as the right to clean water, adequate food, medical treatment, shelter and clothing again no matter who they and and where they come from.  War is another area I feel very strongly about. I hate it I don't often watch the news at night because  most of it is about the war in the Middle East. I can't understand why some people feel the need to kill innocent civilians for no particular reason. I'm the sort of person who so desperately wants a good world free of hatred ,war, and racism. I'm all for Unity, Equality and Peace.

I have a saying that I believe sums up what I've said.  (Life is the greatest gift that is ever given, no one or persons and the right to take that away from others)
hippygirl94 hippygirl94
18-21, F
May 19, 2012