My Three Cute Kittens

There is this cat that comes and goes in my backyard/garden she was the girlfriend of my previous cat (went missing).

three or five weeks ago she had five kittens in our backyard.
three weeks later we took the kittens in cause of the temperature of the sun was too high they would have died but we only ended up with three cause I believe the other two did not survive.

these kittens are the cutest kittens I have seen and so playful, we aren't giving them away as they are brother and sisters I don't want to split them up or them end up in shelters cause of peoples lack of affection and care for kittens.

I love them and they are happy which keeps me happy.
onir onir 26-30, F 3 Responses Dec 20, 2012

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Nice.. so what did you name them?

they don't have names yet

yu sud give them names..

very nice

not too many people from Iran on here. Are you in the US or elsewhere?

I'm in Australia, you?

US from France/Germany. Don't normally think of Australia as a hub for the mid-east. interestering. are there many Persians there?

yes, more in the east coast of Australia

how do like the lifestyle? the food must taste different. it always does. Even in the US it varies.

yeah the food is good theres variety of kinds of foods here

What are you doing up so early? it's 3am by you!

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