Forced Into Panties

I am a member of a fair number of groups here at the Experience Project. One relates to the fact that I tend to be a social recluse or hermit, several relate to my religion - Quaker, but the vast majority relate to the fact that I have a strongly dominant wife, who has forced me to accept the fact - and it is a fact - that I am a deeply submissive man. She is total control of me and my life. She makes all of the decisions and enforces them with strict corporal punishment. And, truth be told - and the truth is always best, I would not have it any other way.

I recently wrote a story here that I titled "Honeymoon Package". This story told when I was forced into panties by my wife - on our honeymoon. As I wrote in that story, I had just walked out of the bathroom the first night of our honeymoon - naked, of course, since I was looking forward to consumating the marriage. I was informed by my new wife that I would wear panties from that night onward - and, to judge by the bag she gave me, they would be the frilliest, most pastel, little-girl panties you could ever imagine.

Being a real man - in my mind at least - I immediately refused. This was a second marriage for both of us, and my first marriage had lasted 12 years with no thought of my being weak, or submissive. There was no machismo either, just no submission.

My wife decidedy refused to take no for an answer. She produced a large paddle from her suitcase on which was written "Husband Tamer." She told me that it was time that I learned that she would be in charge in our marriage, and that her rules would be enforced with spankings whenever I disobeyed disrespected, or misbehaved. She told me that since I had just openly defied her, it was time for my first spanking. I told her that I had never been spanked by my parents and that I had no intention of being spanked by my wife. She told me that was a shame since, if I ever wanted to consumate our marriage, I would, indeed, be spanked by her.

Not to put too much emphasis on it, I was spanked. I was spanked until I cried, and then the spanking began in earnest. When it was over, she held me in her arms while I sobbed, and promised to always obey her, to give her my paycheck each week while she gave me a weekly allowance, to let her set my bedtime, and to let her make all household decisions. We then consumated the marriage in the traditional sense, although I believe in my heart that it was truly consumated by a "Husband Tamer" - both Her and Her paddle. As always, she was on top in the marital bed, and the pain in my backside was only matched by the love and trust in my heart.

And, the next morning, I wore the cutest, frilly, pale yellow panties down to our marital breakfast. It was a little bit hard sitting still; I squirmed all of the way through breakfast - to the point that the waiter asked whether there was something wrong with my chair. I blushed and said no, but my wife piped up and said that I had just had an encounter with the "Board of Education."

And, she was right. I learned that night, and every day and night for the past 14 years of happy marriage, that I am totally submissive to my wife. And, I learned that I would always and ever only wear my little girl panties - and that my family and friends, and her family and friends, would know that she makes and enforces the rules for me. And, as I said earlier, I would't have it any other way!

Now, if you will forgive me, I am going to finish writing this, so that I can pick out some pretty, pastel - always pastel - frilly, little-girl party panties to wear to dinner.
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You had to give her your paycheck? That's messed up.

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