I Was Transformed Into a She Male Panty Slave

I was forced to ware Panties as a part of my punisnment for being bad. Not only did my two older sisters physically dress me, but they told the babby sitter to do the same. This was all done with my Mothers konwledge and approval...!

At first I fought it, but then after a while, I actually began to enjoy it and to look forward to it. It got to the point that I wore night gowns & panties to bed, and they kept me in panties every day in school eccept for days I had gym. Saturday's and Sunday"s I was not only completely dressed as the "Little Sister", but I was paraded around the neighborhood as such - holding both of my sisters hands...!

To hearmore details of this situation, especially if you are female and have done something similiar, please feel free to contact me, PantyBoy99 - Who knows, we may have more in common than you think.....!

PantyBoy99 PantyBoy99
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10 Responses Oct 17, 2008

Sissy Bobby, I was caught by my grandma, and every time I went to visit her, she would have me dress up in sissy outfit, sometimes even invite her lady friends over and they would all laught at me giggling and whispering about me.sometimes, after a couple of cocktails would spank my bare til all red and numb, then insert ****** up my little girl hole and tease me asking if I would like a real mans penis instead up there? I would feel so ashamed of myself after they all went home and me laying on my sissy belly, bottom all streatched out and grandma forcing me to smell her soiled girdle crouch!

are you happy in panties now<br />
<br />

are you happy in panties now<br />
<br />

me to that was hot your lucky

I would have loved to be brought up that way. I have always felt as a slave. be it a woman or a man. I just want to be someones slave and toy Slave Gloria

Sounds made up to me, its more like thats what you dreamed of, but didnt actally happen

Some are introduced to panties this way but hey at least they feel great!

I think that is horrible that they did that to you for punishment. I took my son out of daycare because I found out they were putting bows in his hair and calling him Christine.

Wow, you were very fortunate. Many men, including me, would love to have been dressed in panties when growing up. If it were punishment I would have been motivated to be very mishievious.<BR><BR>I had to wait until I told my soon to be wife about my diaper fetish and then we discovered together how much I also enjoyed wearing panties. She now panties me when ever and I have a drawer full of my own women's underwear.

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