3 Times A Week, Every Week...

I have to go to church. It is not that I don't believe in God, but I want to be Lutheran. My parents are forcing me to be a Baptist. The pastor yells really loud a lot of the time, and he is a hypocrite. He talks bad about people during services. His grandchildren make fun of my weight, when I go to Sunday School. His grandkids ignore me, even when I say hi when I pass them. They are are a bunch of stuck up little *******. My parents say they get so much out of the sermon, but how could they? My dad falls asleep during the service, and my mom never pays attention. I have to got Sunday morning, Sunday night, and Wednesday night,during my favorite shows. If I cant goto church, because I am sick, or at a friends house, I get grounded for a week. My brother quit going to church when he was 14, and I am almost that age. This year I turn 14, and as a slap in my face, my birthday is on a Sunday, and my parents both have said I still have to go to church then. I have tried really hard to get them to change their minds, and have even looked up laws that might get me out of church, but to no avail.
ferretowner96 ferretowner96
Jul 18, 2010