Forced To Be Mormon

i am 15 almost 16 soon and i am forced to go to church EVERYDAY! My parents are mormon and make me go to youth group every wednesday night  church on sunday for 3 long boring hours and seminary before school everyday. i hate going and im just not into church at all. i know when i am 18 i will not be part of that church but my parents dont care how i feel about it. my parents and i have gotten into lots of fights about it. if i dont go or complain about going to anything church related i cant get my drivers license. i dont know if i can handle 3 more years of this! how can i get my parents to not make me go?!?!?!

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I've been dealing with the same thing since I was 14. I'll be 18 in a few months, though, thank god. My parents make me go to church every Sunday, although they say I have a choice. But they take away all of my privileges if I don't go and tell me how disappointed they are in me, and basically take me on a guilt trip. I dread every Sunday because the choices I have are to either go to a place that makes me feel extremely uncomfortable and listen to the same preaching over and over again, or endure through more of my parent's disappointments and lectures. It's not just Sunday, though- there's also mutual activities and it feels like everyday in our house is full of religion crap. I've been depressed and suicidal for several years and they won't realize how much worse they're making it. I try to explain to them how trapped I feel, but they ignore me. All I can say is, if any parent thinks that making their children go to church is a good idea, they don't have their head on straight.

I'm in the exact same position except I am 16 and I managed to not go to seminary half of the year. My parents however don't believe but my grandma makes me go and do family home evening and it really is stressful not being able to tell them no choice at all for you.

In a couple of years, you can walk away

I hope he is better to her now

This is my life summary right here. I'm 15, and I hate goin to church. All the meetings and seminary are forced upon me. My super religious Mormon parents always spew out the same crap as my leaders and seminary teachers. I hate these rules modesty and scripture study crap. And my super religious older does not help when you the second child always being thrown pit the dinner conversations on Sunday dinner. I haven't told I want leave yet but when I hinted at it they ignored like I was some piece of trash they picked up off the street. I can't wait until i am 18 and I will be free from my parents and Mormons.

Your forced to go to church everyday?? Your parents suck

Glad to see I'm not alone. my parents just say I'll be sad and miserable without the church and that Satan is leading me astray. all that crap. I've resorted to being as disrespectful as I can, so that they will be too embarrassed to take me to church. it makes me feel bad, but I just can't stand it anymore. My dad is a lawyer, never has lost a single case, so all arguments with him he has twisted around at me so I seam like an evil idiot at the end of the argument. Every second I spend with Mormons makes me hate them more and more.

I'm in the same situation right now and I know right? It's hell. Here is my weekly Mormon schedule: Sunday: church for 3 hours plus BYC meetings, home teaching, and fast offerings collecting which can total sometimes to about 6-7 hours of church on Sunday. Then on Monday, I have Mormon family time for about an hour, then on Tuesday I have Mormon mutual group, then on Saturday sometimes I have all day Mormon mutual group. Then there's the Mormon camp in the summer. And the Mormon mutual group week long thing. I'm currently 15 years old and I've already told my parents I don't believe in their crap. They actually laughed in my face and started spewing out the same Stuff about how satan is leading me astray and its only a matter of time before I start doing drugs etc etc... So far my life hasn't changed because my parents believe that as long as I am still living I their house, they can force their religion on me. So I honestly recommend you just go along with it till you're 18. It seems like the only option right now for me. Hope you figure it out and if you do please tell me.

Ive been in your same position. When i turned 13, i started not wanting to go to the mormon church. But for some reason, I tolderated it until 16. I then started hating all the meeting and pointless responsibilities, i told my parents at 17, and they claimed satan was leading me astray. Dont worry, it does get easier. I waited until I was finally 18, and although i go with them to church on occasion out respect to THEM, i dont consider myself a member and plan to put in my papers for excommunication. They are severly dissappointed and heart broken, but if you know the secret I do, its much easier: mormons believe families are sealed together in the temple, right? Well, my seminary teacher taught us that if a family member leaves, they are still bound under their parents covenant. That made me feel better to know that they would have SOME relief in the matter. I plan to enroll in a christian college on the east coast, or continue my other christian beliefs elsewhere. Remember, its all about timing though. Be calm about it, explain god gave us the ability to make choices for this reason. Not to choose what's "right" or what our parents want, but to learn for ourselves. Good luck, you made a good choice. My life has become less stressful, and more loving towards my own beliefs. :). Im sure it will work out for you too.

Whoops! At the beginning i meant to say "I wanted to go to anything BUT to the mormon church"