Ex Wife Made We Wear Womens Underwear

i had been wearing my ex wifes underwear for years before she caught me and only at home.I came home from work early one day and put on her stockings,suspenders and a g-string and started to watch a **** film when all of a sudden she was standing next to me.She had come home early as she was not well.I didnt know what to do and she just sat down next to me and said why do you have on my underwear so i told her it makes me fill very sexy and horney.How long have you been doing this she asked about 2 years i replied.She asked me to take her underwear off and i thought that was the end of it i was so wrong.
A couple of weeks later i was getting ready to spend the night at my best friends house.As i got out of the shower she was standing there with a very naughty look on her face.This next bit shocked me she told me she couldnt get the image of me in her underwear out of her head and she had started to get turned on by the thought of me in her underwear.She said i have got you a present on its on our bed i was to go and put it on for her.On the bed to my shock was a black basque sheer black stockings and a matching g-string.After i put them on she came in and said i looked very sexy and i was to wear this under my clothes to my friends house as the thought of me wearing them outside the house was a big turn on for her.I thought why not as our sex life had been very poor for a long time and this might be just what it needed.I had been at my friends house for a couple of hours and feeling very horney and my g-string was very wet with pre-*** when i got a text from her saying prove you still have underwear on by taking a picture on your phone and sending to me and if you do this i will give you a hand job when you get home.beening quite drunk at this time i thought why not and went to the bathroom and did as she wanted.The next text said take another picture but this time in a different room where you cant lock the door and if you do this i will give you a blow job.I went upstairs and quickly went into my friends bedroom and took a picture and sent it to her.Once again i got another text saying the pictures had made her very horney and this time she wanted a picture of me in the frontroom and if i had the nerve to do this i could **** her .This took me sometime to do as i was very nervous about getting caught.I waited for my friend to go to toilet and while he was up stairs i took my chance and got away with it.
The next day when i got home she lived up to her promise and i made love to her while still in the underwear.Since then every time i stay at my friends she makes me wear sexy underwear and pushes me futher and futher to do more risky things.The last time she dared me to get my friend to take a picture of me for her and if i did she would let me do the one thing she has never let me do to her(anal sex).After a lot to drink i told him all about what had been going on every time i had stayed he siad i dont believe you prove it so i did and took my clothes off and stood infront of him wearing a blue basque stockings and suspenders.He looked at me and just said very nice and took the picture for me.For months i would go around his house and walk around all night wearing sexy underwear and take pictures for my wife.It wasnt until a few weeks on my wife came clean and told me she had told my mate what was going on and if he went along with it she would sent pictures of her in sexy underwear to him and she new he would do it as he has aways fancied her.The last time we did this before we split up she had us both wearing womens underwear sending her pictures of us sitting next to each other on the sofa with no knickers on.I wont tell you what she let me do to her for taking this piture but my friends reward was a hand job while i watched i cant tell you much she got turned by this but we ended up having a great night of sex.
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Jan 6, 2011