With a diferent girlfriend, Forced To Cross Dress And Almost Cuckold.

This stared after my girlfriend moved in with me. I had admitted to wearing panties when she found some in my dresser as she put away my laundry. The next day she bought me new panties and this led to garter with stockings and dresses. I was ordered to dress as a girl as soon as I came home and stay dressed as a girl as long as I was home. Then she bought me some girl jeans and had me dress in them while we went shopping in the city for the day. I dressed as a female for the next three years when at home. When we went places I always had panties on and pantie hoes on under my clothing. Then I kicked her out when I found her sleeping with a co worker of hers. Later she confessed that she had sex with several men in the area and the next step was to cuckold me.
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is that something you might have wanted?

At the time no!
Now that I look back at it YES

Close call!