So I've joined this particular EP experience simply because I no longer want to have or make friends...please don't get me started.
Anyway, there's a woman at my job who apparently is emotionally sensitive to some things. I've seen her cry three times over different things already. I actually used to be like that but I've grown tough skin over the years.
Today she was a bit upset over the fact that a few ignorant people thought she was pregnant, which in truth, she is not. Apparently she had surgery regarding her intestines?
As sweet as I am, of course I felt bad that she was upset. At the same time I kept telling her that it's not worth crying over. There are worse things to cry about...this is just something stupid. I also told her to forget what others say about her because they don't know her like that.

Long story short, after talking to her I now find it difficult to keep my vow to myself to be without friends. *sigh*
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1 Response Aug 26, 2014

you shouldenjoy being friends, its a good thing to help, people have problems, and agood word could change their life, ask jesus to be with you and help you