I don't know if "forever alone" is the title I'm liking right now--a little to wrist-to-forehead, freshman drama for me--but not here to critique! (Wait...damn.) I joined EP because I'm home by myself far too much, never have plans with other humans, meaning I honestly have very few friends to ever relate anything to. I'm in my, deargawd, late 30s and I have no plans on the weekends ever because I have no friends to call or am willing to call and include myself into their plans. I got out of a long-term relationship recently and now I realize he was my only true friend--too late of course. I never really got on with women (hanging with dudes is so much easier) and I currently work at an estrogen pool, yay! I just want to say that I'm tired of not feeling a part of something; I don't specifically care about getting into a relationship really, but I am the woman in the corner of the pub, by herself, doing a crossword. And the rest of the pub knows each other like the bestest friends ever. (And wear incorrigible hipster hats, but I digress.) I am tired of returning to just myself and, yes, I know I need more hobbies but I really am uncomfortable at those local meet-ups (meat-ups, really, it's a frickin market), get asked unnaturally direct questions about my job, past, etc. I have my own issues aside from this to be sure. But, really, how normal is it to be at my age and have nobody to talk to regularly? A group of friends. A best friend. That'd be great. Because my imagination is brewing some pretend friends in the meantime and that just plain isn't sexy. Cheers to the loners out there. *fist pumps air a la John bender at end of breakfast club*
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