I Am A Good Person...

I always thought that good things would come my way. I was a firm beleiver that if you treat people good that they will treat you good. I was wrong. I have been so in love this past year with George. He really swept me off my feet. He told me that he was wanting everything that I wanted in life. I'm 26 years old and my clock was really ticking. I wanted a baby so bad and he was totally cool with it. We had talked about getting married and all. We even had plans to move to a new home at the end of the year.
I got pregnant. It was a miracle. I had never been so happy in my life. I still am...I just don't have him to share it with. He left me. He told me he stopped loving me. How do you tell someone that you love them one day and the next day...LITERALLY the next day say that you don't. He told me this while I was on vacation. I came home to find my things packed and his ex's things sitting in the living room on the verge of being unpacked. He has children with this woman. He threw our baby and I away like a piece of trash all for a woman that is addicted to meth. Maybe thats his problem too...
All I know is it's like something snapped in his head. He treated me like an angel then turned on me like a snake. I had never had anyone in my life say the things he said to me or purposley hurt my feelings. He really did a number on me. I will have trouble trusting men now.
I will raise a baby on my own and this will change me. This baby alone will change me. I guess it will make me a stronger person.
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Thanks mrbptc...I appreciate your comment

For that person to have done that to you, tells you ' he wasn't worth it anyway....and you probably know by now, That your baby will give you more Happiness than anything the world has to offer...<br />
I admire you for still being Happy through it all, he doesn't deserve to share that with you...I hope that go from strength to strength...and long may you continue to be happy....you are'' an inspiration.....X :)

That sucks.