Me And My Scattyness Go Hand In Err Hand?

I am Laura. I have always been damn scatty from a young age and like probably most of you I am not entirely sure where I get this from as my dad and mum and incredibly organised- especially my dad he's one of those dad's who likes to make lists and leave notes about the house and actually I think if he wasn't writing a list or planning to make something for the garden etc that he would explode.
I never understand why people and ex boyfriends have described this trait as 'sweet'. there is nothing sweet about forgetting your house keys or bus pass or losing your provisional licence on the day of your driving test!! so less of the sweet please and more of the why do I have to be scatty? Also another thing which grinds my gears is when i forget what i'm going to say or where my rambling on was leading too and isn't it funny how long you take to remember something? well all i can say is if i'm like this at 18 how will i be when i'm old dearydeary me..
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2 Responses May 23, 2012

you will probably improve with age, not get worse. It is sometimes due to lack of concentration.

I would say that I am not an unintelligent person but I find that I do some of the most stupid things. Several occasions I have locked myself out through forgetting keys, or finding out when in the check out line at the shops that you left your card in the pockets of your other trousers. I found that the best way to try and avoid this is to have a routine. Leave keys on door mat before going to bed. Always keep the credit card in your bag. It's not fail-safe, but it's better than having to keep knocking on your neighbour's door to collect your spare key.