I wonder if I'm having a touch of dyslexia or if my eyes are just getting worse. I lately have been mixing up the letters "b with h" and "r with s or t". Sometimes "n with h". My brain reads it right, as I type it... but then later, I either catch it or my friend Philip does! :-o

The result is misspelled words all around! And also, sometimes my brain will freeze and I will forget how to spell a simple word for a few minutes. It is a little scary, for someone like me, who loves words and love to write so much! I am hoping this is a phrase and nothing permanent. :-/

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2 Responses Feb 19, 2009

have you hit your head lately? How is your reading? If this is new, ie you were a great speller then all of a sudden you can't, it could be as sign of something else, exactly what? I have no CLUE!!

Ah you might have a minor case of it, I do and I love to write you just have to proof read a lot or ignore it (which I do honestly)<br><br />
But you either have it or you don't and you usually would have known out of grammar school if you had