I Have An Ld

i am dyslexic,

Now I don't mean not to spell and trust me I wish I could but its hurtful when people question your intelligence when you can't spell I know how to use spell check but sometimes I don't care. I wonder if people knew how hard it is being terrified you miss spelled something  and what people may think of you for using a wrong word or not putting in a word into what you are writing would they say something to you about it?

It ticks me off when people make fun of me when I miss spell something,

p.s with out spell checking I have 4 red underlined words

Starbuck82 Starbuck82
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2 Responses Mar 10, 2009

You are fascinating..........no more complicated or simple than that. If people spent as much time on their own lives as they did finding issues with others we would be living in a better society.

Did you know you are your biggest fan?It's what you think that really matters.Try not let what others say, they are boring people and have alot I mean a lot of growing up to do, on top of that,they could use a head shrink to say the least.You put your best foot forward,reach for the sky believe good things are coming your way!When you become old it doesn't matter there all in the same boat.