Bloody Spellcheck

I was taught the old fashioned way. Twenty spellings a day. I got a dictionary on one of my birthdays ( I still am a bit of a saddo).  I have noticed lately that constantly using the PC to write documents and letters with a spell check has made me lazy. I just type in something close and then red line it. But now I find I can't spell half the words when I want to.

Ah mean whatz so hard bout spalling

stevester stevester
46-50, M
7 Responses Mar 11, 2009

The complete opposite happened to me. Until recently, I did not use spell checking features. My usage of Internet slang had slowly degraded my ability to spell and I was constantly referring to a dictionary. Turning the spell check on has helped me regain my ability to spell well.

I'm very annoyed when people try to post serious stuff on the web without a single thought about spelling or grammar... How did they make it through elementary school? I still don't have perfect grammar, but wow. It's disturbing.

Same here is it that wavy red line with the spell checking or am I getting senile in my 50's!

Thank god for that, I'd 14 years of the Christian Brothers and they're not too christian

D o I need a phone directory down the back of my pants?

If its with u then no problem

i asked for that. i also have cocked up the font on my keyboard. Bring back the quill

Oh my God!! When the teacher forgets to spell, I guess you can't expect the students to do it right, right?