Mother Asked To Babysit On Mother's Day So Daughter Can Go To Spa!

My daughter had me babysit her 3 kids on Mother's Day so she could take her MIL to the spa! She did bring me a card and gift in the morning when dropping off her 3 kids at 8:30 am. She stayed for about 2 minutes! They then got home late at 7:30 pm. To make it even sting more she gathered up kids so they all could go out to dinner where they were meeting my SIL, while my husband and I were not even asked to go! This is how I was treated for Mother's Day! The little ones adore me but they are taught to show me disrespect the
same way their parents do as they are made to open doors for the MIL while not being asked to thank me for watching and playing with them all day, feeding them non stop, and teaching 1 to ride her bicycle. It hurts. Am I being petty? I don't want to be small minded but what are my daughter and SIL thinking??!! This too after I loaned these 2 $13,000 7 months ago to save their home, cars, catch up on bills and a stint in rehab! They are paying me back but it still is apparent they'll take advantage if me!
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1 Response May 15, 2012

Sell your home, change jobs, change your phone number, move out of the state, and don't tell anyone.