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Well I'm not actually a mother in the traditional sense. I won't get flowers or chocolates or even a mothers day card but I don't mind, I didn't give birth to any one. But I am the woman who holds and comforts a child when they are crying themselves to sleep at night. I am the woman who attends every medical appointment and cheers at the finish line on sports day. I wash and iron all of their clothes and put food on the table. I do all of these things and more besides but nobody can call me "Mum" I don't expect any recognition for what I do. The best recognition is just hearing the words "I love you" or even just seeing a child learn and grow is good enough for me. I am living proof that you don't always have to be a mother to "mother" someone, and for me, I celebrate Mothering Sunday for everyone who takes the time to care for somebody. If that is you, Happy Mother's Day. :o)

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I read your post and was touched by the tenderness and love you have for your foster children. Clearly, what you give “your children” is mothering. What a gift you are giving them and what a special gift you receive in return. Each day a child meets the challenges of that day is due in part to what you have given that child. The child meeting the challenge is that child’s gift to you. I too had foster children many years ago and have never forgotten the hurt and utter confusion in the eyes of each of the children I cared for. Sad to say but it was by being a foster parent that I became acutely aware that simply giving birth doesn’t earn the title “mother.” That said, some mothers need extra support so they can be good mothers. Happy mother’s day!

I am a mother now!! This is an old story. I adopted two of my foster children and for now we are continuing to foster as well, have a 21 month baby with us. Fostering has certainly opened my eyes as well, you are right about some mothers needing extra support, I am proud to have been able to help give that :o)

Thanks redlilly, that's a really nice comment, after the first one, I though, is anyone going to understand where I'm coming from? On Sunday, my two year old foster child crawled up onto my lap and put his arms around me and said "I love you more than sugar on toast" I've got no idea where he got the idea of sugar on toast from as I've certainly never given it to him but it was lovely and just for that one moment alone, everything I've done for him has been so worth it.

Why would someone treat you as a mother when your not. What are you thinking.