The Bk Queen

I want to state up front that I am not homophobic, nor dose it bother me if anyone is gay, or bi. Having said that I would just like to ask one question. Do you think that they could have made the King any Gayer? After the first time we saw him was when some guy wakes up to find the king in his bed.
doctorirwin doctorirwin
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5 Responses Jul 14, 2010

HA HA! I just got it! The BK Queen.. and he's all creepy gay! LOL... I must be slow today..

Thank you Jocelyn.

and by the way i love to use the word GAY to describe things that are not homosexual but just silly so carry on dude with your use of the word GAY! I am fully authorized to let you use it!

hahaha dude that is hilarious! the guy wakes up in the bed and Burger King guy is there with that creepy look on his face and hands the guy a burger or a breakfast croissant Burger KIng is mad creepy!

what ?