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I am the descendant of our earliest traced ancestor, and the one registered with the Huguenot Society, Antione Leroux, 1451. I am In the Languedoc Chapter of the society. During the reign of terror against the Huguenots, as with many, many of my relatives went to Germany to have children so the newborns would not be killed. At some point in time, similar to other stories on this site, we moved to Scotland. I also ended up in the ancestry of Robert the III, King of Scotland married to Annabelle Drummond. It is quite common for huguenots to have English/Scottish/Irish lineage. My name was "Americanized" from Leroux to La Rue as my descendants arrived at Ellis island. In France, Leroux is very common like a "Smith" or "Jones" is here in the USA. MAJ Don La Rue, U.S. Army.

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