So What If I Am?

My husband gives me SUCH grief over this! It's not like I've ever been to France...I eat french fries. I love them! That's about as French as I feel, really. Oh, and french kissing, looove that! haha. I suppose it's kind of sad that French blood runs through my veins and I don't particularly connect with it. I've never even felt a strong desire to see the Eiffel Tower. I would easily trade my French heritage for Italian! Why can't I be Italian?! haha. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying anything against the French. Although, I am glad that I shave and all that jazz. My husband insists that I do have genetic traits that are French, but I think I mostly inherited German traits. Who knows though, I'm certainly no expert on what each ethnicity is supposed to look like. Hmmm...French...I just don't feel it. Maybe someday?
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hahaha. That's a very interesting thought! Apparently on my dad's side they've traced it back to some lord....I wish I could take more interest in it and want to learn more, or even care who this lord was:P lol. Honestly, I don't care though!

I'm the same. Apparently we have some French aristoctracy in our family on my mothers side.<br />
They fled France when they were all having their heads chopped off.<br />
I've always felt more of a love for Italy rather than France as well.<br />
Perhaps it's a fear of having my head chopped off, lol.

lol, maybe it is...I'd rather be Italian though! lol

C'est La Vie!

haha, sure, if you say so! :P

Hahaha hey! At least you've got a lost of mixed blood in you to boast about which makes it epic XD

So YOU got the Italian heritage! I'm so jealous. haha.