I Am Almost 7 Months Pregnant An I Have Horrible Dreams.

So i am almost 7 month pregnant with my first baby and i have horrible dreams. Mostly my dreams consist of my boyfriend cheating on me... i wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat and not able to catch my breath. The dream that i have the most is me an him sitting on his bed talking and he accidently told on himself about cheating, and then started laughing about it.. i was in shock, (him and i had broken up for awhile, before) so i asked him if he cheated on me while we were dating, and he replied saying yes it had been when we were dating, and he was still laughing! i demanded him to tell me who she was and he said it was him and 5 girls.... at this point i backed him up against the wall and had hit him a few times, before leaving and sitting on a big rock at the end of his driveway... a few moments later, he walked down his driveway to inform me to go **** myself... i soon woke up crying yelling "please dont leave me" i dont know what to do about these dreams, i find myself secretly accusing him of cheating whenever he says that he has the house to himself for the weekend, or when i happen to pick up his phone and he rips it out of my hands... i'm not sure what im sapposed to do about it, i've read articles stating that it is common for these dreams to happen, but i can't help but to wonder, which is weird because i've never been the jealous type of girlfriend... i need help.. anybody got any idea's for me.?
ilovemyson12 ilovemyson12
18-21, F
May 9, 2012