Time To Plant A Garden? Always Feel Like A Whole Person When I Have My Garden In.

Things have changed a lot since my first garden 43 years ago.   I was 6 years old and the first thing I planted was radishes.  For a few years radishes were it.  About 3 diffrent kinds would be plentiful in our home come harvest time.  By the time I was 10 I had added to the radishes with Tomatoes and from there I could grow enough veggies to make any small food stand full of food ready to sell to the public but ended up sharing them with family and friends.  Learned how to can and perserve the food after that and it came in handy during the lean times we all exprience now and then.

I also became good at growing trees.  5 pine, 2 firut and 7 shade trees.  Then exotic vegetables like the ghost eggplant, yellow watermellon, and okra.  This year I have planted squash, three kinds.  Two kinds of tomatoes and a bunch of old world root vegetables like turnups and parsnips. 

When it comes time to harvest I am amazed at how the ground, water and the sun turns a seed into a living and great thing to eat.
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May 16, 2012