A True Frenchwoman At Last!

At 11.00am this morning, Marie and I became fully fledged citizens of la République Française! We’d heard there were a couple of vacancies (left by Gerard Depardieu and Brigitte Bardot) so it seemed the ideal time.

Notwithstanding a two year wait and loads of paperwork, this was not so hard for us to achieve. Even though we were both born and brought up outside France (Marie in Germany, me in Britain), both our mothers were French, I already had dual nationality, and we’ve both worked and lived in France for a number of years. But it means a great deal to us. France is what unites us and what first brought us together. It is not a perfect country by any means – it is easier to live life as a gay person in either Britain or Germany – but it is going down the right lines (gay marriage and adoption will soon be legalised) and we feel we need to give something back the society that has looked after us and given us opportunities.

I felt very happy and proud as we stood before le tricolore in the town hall. We were allowed to hold hands during the ceremony, and the presiding clerk was very nice and welcoming. I almost felt like baring my breast, à la Marianne as she led the poor and oppressed across the barricades, but Marie thought that would not be a very good start to our new life as respectable French women . . ;-)

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4 Responses Jan 17, 2013

Congratulations on your citizenship, I am so glad you were able to get it, but sorry about the two years, I think the Marie was right about the breast idea.

Welcome to France !!! I hope you won't be disappointed, it has changed well beyond imagination.

Thank you! Since I wrote this we have moved to France outremer (Senegal to be precise), but we are no less enamoured of our adoptive country.

Senegal does not belong to France. Senegal is an independent country even though they speak French.

Agreed, I used the wrong term. French-speaking diaspora was what I had in mind.

Well this is a surprise! Congratulations to both of you! XOXOXO & a big hug too!

congrats! this is so nice, dear..:)
lot of good wishes for you both. (hugs)