Problems Wit Hthe French?

Although I live in the US, I am very proud of my French heritage.  However, many people mock me for it.  Have any of you experianced this sort of problem?

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When I first came to Australia quite a few people made fun of my french accent,now I don't take any notice,stay proud of who you are,often people judge without knowing,according to the nonsense they have heard,and some people are prejudiced against anybody who is not like them,these people are ignorant,uninteresting and usually of low intelligence, I would not let them bother you,they are the ones who lose out.Si vous voulez parler ecrire le Francais,ca me plairait de communiquer en Francais. I come from Marseilles,grew up in Provence.Take care.

I've had some (not many) people pass through my life who think that being French is something mockable. Such people are idiots. I'm American and I have a French name. I'm proud of my French heritage, and I'm out of patience with other Americans who are entertained by "frog" slurs and jokes about the WWs. These are the same people who, if the Nazis had invaded America, would be hiding under their beds instead of joining the American Resistance.

Toute les temps! Je sais exactment. It's very frustrating especially since other ethnicities are allowed to be proud of their culture but since we are French we're supposedly "sissies" and people roll their eyes. There is such a double standard. I say be who you are and if other people have a problem w/ that then they need to get over it.

I actually speak french and after spending hours speaking french, when I start speaking english, its still as if I am still speaking french because of my accent so people would ask me if I am french and I am kinda happy about that. I'd be proud to be a french woman. There as so many sexy things about being french.

Monsieurstark hello.I live in New Zealand and I am proud of that and will stand up to protect and honour my home, my country.Some times when meeting people from other countries there can be a bit of banter or teasing about where one is born or comes from which is ok and can be laughed off if it is done in a humorous way But if someone is rude or hostile about your home/country then that is different,I find a good way is to give as good as you get.France has so much history,I don't know why anyone would mock you for been French.I would find the fact that you are half French quite alluring,exciting.Maybe these people who mock you have not travelled much and still see the French wearing striped shirts and a beray with a string of onions and garlic tied around there neck.So I say if anyone mocks your culture/country give it right back to them

i also have a cool last name too prolly cooler than yours tim monger mine is CHAMPAGNE so ha. teehee.

i also have a cool last name too prolly cooler than yours tim monger mine is CHAMPAGNE so ha. teehee.

I have had that problem!! I was raised in san diego and get the french background from my fathers side. anytime i have mentioned that i am french which i am proud of also people mock me. Especially because of the war going on ppl hate on the french for being ******* or whatever. I don't really get why, but it is something to do with that in the past when the french were at war they act like total wimps or something.

Beeing in Ottawa I totally understand what you are talking about. In the end historicly speaking, anglophones always seemed to feel inferior then the french, I think it is why today it is still like that. here in canada, beeing french means that we are put behind the line, a chineese man will get manderin services more easily then I even. French is a language that might not be the best for commerce, like english is, but french is a language of politics, science and elegance. Maybe the fact english is 1/3 french, might also play a part in it. do you still speak and write french? Anyhow, what I wrote is quite small vs. all the reasons I might come up for you. But I hope it helps you understand that it is em<x>beded in them.

why should the americans mock you?

I am sometimes mocked for my French heritage, but my pride more than overcompensates for this. Mostly because I have a cool looking and sounding last name.

Wow... I don't think that I have had that problem. I went to an International school. Where there was mostly french kids my age and the only thing they mocked me was for having ADD, LD since this was a school for supposedly gifted students.You should just surround yourself with people who find you fascinating and love who you are if they are mocking you it's because they are jealous.

indeed, France is definitly one of the best place to have the most delicious greasy food, and Lyon, the city i live in is the capital of gastronomy.<br />
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i'm not surprised some american's mocked at you for being french, close minded people are everywhere... over here some would mock at you for being american

No, I meant mocked for being French while in the US.

You mean being mocked by the french in while in France? YES. I was also mocked by Brits while in London. Reason - AMERICANS!